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Hi again,

Top Leaders Dan, John, Richard, Robert, Carry, Greg, Mike, Andrew,Mary, and Tom say; "Amazing! JOIN this! Never market, never join other programs, ask others, or get scammed ever again!! Finally, Ash has found something for us ALL..

I received this email from my upline, so I might as well just forward it to you because I just could not say it any better.

Here is the message:

August 30, 2018

Greetings Everyone,

Yesterday the confirmed Founders attended an update webinar.

Here is the opinion of one of the Founders after he listened to

the presentation....




This is not hype or fluff! You have to see it for yourself. After

listening to today's webinar, I am totally convinced that we will

all succeed to our wildest dreams with this business. Yes, to make

it even better, this business is DONE-FOR-YOU. Finally,

we have a business that will make everyone succeed no matter

who they are. All Customers and Re-sellers will succeed

automatically. Yes, our problems are over! Just have a little bit

more patience and it will come to you in the very near future.

Meanwhile, get yourself ready for the global launch and the time

-of-your-life. Yes, those who have not joined our team are losing

out big-time. Don't get left out of the best chance to reach the

dreams of your life. I am very serious! I am so serious that once

this business has launched, I will probably drop everything that I

am presently doing on the internet and focus strictly on this fantastic

business. It is that good and I will not need to occupy my time or

energy with any other internet business. This is all I will ever need!



I honestly believe that the acquisition of a Founder position

is the best move you can make right now. As soon as I

receive notice that your are a confirmed Founder I will

send you a welcome message with links to the the private

Founders webinars. After watching them, you will truly

understand why many list managers are firmly behind

this project. This message from a fellow Founder is


"If you knew all that I know and what is coming why they

are putting such a huge effort in promoting this. This will

be a game changer for ALL, when I say all I mean ALL

regardless of your abilities or lack of them .... If you are one

that never had success, this is for you. And finally I am

proud to be able to bring a solution to the industry. This

is most likely the best thing you are going to do this year."

End of his message.

Let me add my 2 cent worth, since I joined as a founder I have

received numerous offers to join this new and improved this and that.

I did not join any of them and by now many of them are gone already.

I agree with what is said above this is most likely the only business that

many people will be a part of once they see the results.

I have been marketing for many years and have been waiting

for a business like this where even the novice will finally make

some money. It saddens me that some people don’t see it yet,

because they could be ahead of the masses. They have the mentality,

same old, same old thinking that this is just more of the same;

eventually they will understand. It would be wise to see it now

and secure your placement ahead of the crowds.

This reminds me of a story of my early days in business I knew a

man that was in great need and had $3 in his pocket, which he

could have used to buy a sandwich to curb his hunger. Instead

he bought a book “Think and grow Rich” , he not only read the book

but applied the principals. He became a multimillionaire and one of the

most successful distributor in one of the company I was involved in.

Some of you might even know Dexter Yaeger. These success stories

are far and few between. But this is about to change with what we now

have at our finger tips.

The key points for those who are not active recruiters are


....Top marketing automation done for you

....Real time guaranteed visitors and sign ups done for you

....Breakthrough products to automate your financial freedom.

A small outlay will bring you riches.

Review Here:

If you have not yet registered let me know and I will resend you the link.

Your Partner for Success,

Saviour Ellul – Team Leader

This article was published on 14.07.2019 by Saviour Ellul
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Go Founders - Founder Membership, 97 USD to join

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