Defend yourself against viruses together with DuoLife!

Defend yourself against viruses together with DuoLife!

During the period of rapidly spreading viruses and increased incidence, hygiene is our best protective shield. Take care of it to provide yourself an extremely effective protection!

The basis of hygiene is, of course, washing your hands. During the day we spend time in many places, touch different things, welcome and have contact with many people. We unconsciously run the risk of catching a virus or infection. However, we can effectively protect ourselves against it and minimize the likelihood of the disease. First of all, we need to wash our hands as often as possible (preferably every hour) following the principles of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.



How to wash your hands properly -
instructions of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate:

1. Wet your hands with warm water. Apply soap on the palm of your hand.

2. Spread the soap thoroughly with the tips of your other hand's fingers.

3. Soap the inner surfaces of both hands.

4. Braid your fingers and soap them too.

5. Soap the top of one hand with the inside of the other (alternately)

6. Soap the thumbs of both hands.

7. Soap both wrists.

8 Rinse the soap thoroughly from your hand.

9. Dry your hands by wiping them on a paper towel.

10. When closing the tap, touch it through a paper towel.


Besides washing your hands, you should also use other preventive forms:

  •  do not tire yourself out and drink plenty of water;
  •  limit the consumption of raw products - viruses die at high temperatures;
  •  take care of oral hygiene;
  •  use a surgical mask or N95 mask that is also indicative of action against viruses;
  •  use antibacterial wipes that have an indication of the action also against the viruses described on the packaging;
  •  disinfect everyday use items at home and work / school (telephones, keys, ATM cards, chairs, desks, computers, etc.);
  •  take care of cleanliness and order at home, vacuum and ventilate frequently;
  •  avoid crowds, public transport, taxis;
  •  cover your mouth / nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing, not with your hand;
  •  disinfect your hands after sneezing / coughing.

Remember that washing your hands, using a protective mask or following other preventive recommendations protects our body against viruses, but only from the outside. Equally important is internal protection that supports the immune system. To support the immune system, we recommend it primarily:




On the recommendation of Piotr Kardasz, Chairman of the DuoLife Scientific Council, we recommend you especially for the period of increased risk:

  • - DuoLife IMMUNITY Set
  • - DuoLife BorellisPro;
  • - DuoLife Vita C;
  • - DuoLife Medical Formula ProSelect,
  • - SunVital Natural KIDS Formula

Thanks to these products, you can effectively protect your body from the inside, creating additional protection against dangerous viruses. Be responsible and take care of your and your loved ones health!

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