Two Broke Bff Moms

Two best friends, airing their dirty laundry daily for the world to see... We go live via FaceBook daily, you want to hear what we talk about? Sometimes we are just tired and boring, but some days things are just crazy and emotional. Guess what the best part is? People close to us are blocked, we can't have them knowing what we are saying about them, that could cause some not so fun messes. We talk about our bodies, our kids, one has two and one has three. We talk about shit, literally. We discuss our latest complaints, usually men. wanna know what you do wrong? We can probably tell you. You can comment to us live, maybe we will address something that you are seriously curious about. We started off just FaceTiming daily because we had to move away from each other because Jennifer has a terminal illness and she had to be closer to family because she had a stroke in December and then a TIA in January. Well now she had a heart attack on Memorial Weekend, she is more than broke and this is the first 4th of July that Jennifer has been without Kesha for years... She needs the money to get to Utah to be with her. We want you to watch our craziness for the fun of it, and hopefully we get service out at Kesha's parents lake house so we can broadcast together if we get enough money to be together. Please, check us out, we are going to be a household name. We are friends what people wish they had a friendship like. We are funny, goofy, wild, and we talk about EVERYTHING. Enjoy our intro track and I will post Jennifer's crowdfunding link as well. Please help, this is serious stuff, even though she is sick, we deserve some time together. Watch as they struggle together, grow together, and as their bond of friendship is never ending, no matter the miles between them. Their friendship is truly outlasting the hardship of distance and by the grace of technology. We go along with them for every joke, every tear, every bad day and the best of days. These girls will have you in love with them from day one. Kesha with her quiet and sweet yet beautiful charm. Then Jennifer with her boastful and vivaciousness, she is never one to not share her opinion and she wants Kesha to break out of her shell while she isn't there. She is worried that Kesha will become a hermit. Let's see how this all ends up turning out. As their lives unfold, let's hope Jennifer heals and returns to Utah, without the negative remorse from her mother. Keep your fingers crossed.!/status/2

Here is the official link to the fundraiser:

The one above is only to the updates. 

This article was published on 25.06.2016 by Jennifer Michelle Medlock
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Jennifer Michelle Medlock Thank you! We weren't on today, we need to hop on for a bit! Watch us, hope you all will enjoy while we go through our day to day!  4 years ago
Sara Lourens Amazing read Jennifer thanks for posting :)  4 years ago

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