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CryptoCurrency Needs to be Done Within a Mastermind

Napolean Hill in his epic novel about success, Think and Grow Rich  discussed the value of a mastermind group for all those who wish to develop the habits and collaboration of other successful people.  The concept persists to this day.  

If one looks in Facebook or the social media, it is obvious that everyone is attempting to share some aspect about cryptocurrency that they personally have learned.  It takes more than a clever title or headline, in my opinion, to hold oneself out as an expert in Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or any of about 1500 different cryptocurrencies.  After all, this entire field of finance is less than a generation old!  What one learns from people who have expertise in ICO's, for example, (Initial Coin Offerings) can shorten the learning curve from years to weeks or less.  For learning about different mining operations can likewise allow one to minimize the risk to capital when purchasing either individual machine or mining contracts.  The value to minimizing risk and maximizing the output from different sources of cryptocurrency is invaluable and avoids the painful experience of making many mistakes along the way.

Other aspects of the Mastermind can be receiving timely information when you may already be stretched for time.  Companies employ entire cadre of brilliant people with years of experience and systems to get trading information out to members who subscribe to those kinds of information.

I have learned from the school of hard knocks through most of my life and believe that the most efficient use of my time is by deriving good information from good people.  Therefore, the Mastermind, and specifically the Cryptomastery Group to which I belong is my recommendation for you.  See more at our site:  CryptoMastery is Power

Once you viewed the videos, you will learn how to get started with the team in cryptocurrency mining, in our series of educational training, and in discussions of soon to be available ICOs.  There are two private and hosted events twice weekly through our private Zoom channel, and through that we vet different possible companies for our consideration.  We especially look for great compliance emphasis and if possible, physical location of the corporate offices in the United States.  We like the companies we choose to work with to have been publicly traded and registered.  Our own compliance attorney helps to keep us in a position of low risk as far as government interference in the businesses we choose to work with.  We like to call ourselves Brand Agnostic.  That is important because the entire group will add their input into evaluating and company or opportunity.  Our first company, Wealth Generators fulfills all our requirements.  

This article was published on 25.02.2018 by Donald Ketterhagen
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CryptoMastery Group - Cryptocurrency Minin, Free to join

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Luigi Quest Makes a lot of sense to tap into the collective perspectives of a tribe. Great article!  6 years ago

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