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As an on-line business owner I tried lots of ways to make money on-line.  I spent lots of months checking out all of the different ways that were suggested.  Some of them did work, a little, even though they seemed to be making a small fortune for others.  I sure you have seen them all too.  I tried affiliate marketing... but got no customers buying from me ( I think I got one customer in 6 months).  I tried my hand at stocks and shares using one of the binary options sites.  I invested way more than I wanted too and even employed a broker to help me, luckily I managed to almost break even before I gave up.  I tried clicking on ads to gain cash, I did gain on this but only by a very small amount.


So how was I going to make my business a success?  I needed a way to make money so I could pay for the advertising needed for my business, and a way to make money from my website when they got there.

I turned back to saying you've probably all heard of, "The money is in the list"  I could make money from my website by sending newsletters to customers and recommending some great products ( and of course, making a little commission too).  That will help once I drive traffic to my site, but how can I get the money to pay for advertising to get them there?

This brings me to the two ways that are helping me make money on-line (enough to pay for advertising to my site and more)  In time I keep reinvesting my profits I will soon be able to leave my current job and focus solely on my on line business and finally enjoying the work that I do.  Each of these involves some initial investment but have both made me profit for little or no work per day.

The first is Traffic Monsoon.  This site is one of the sites where you click on ads to make money that I tried before.  The real money making part of this site is when you start to advertise on this site, there are various ways to pay for advertising but the best is called an Adpack, you pay for clicks on your advert but also receive a sharer.  You then get paid every day for the clicks that they make too.  Each one earns about $1 per day and with reinvestment there are people on the site making over $1000 per day.  All you need to do is click on 10 ads per day to qualify for this share.

The other one is BeonPush.  This one is an investment site but every pack you buy is guaranteed to make you profit.  This can then be reinvested to make more.  You need to be patient with this one initially but it gathers pace as you reinvest.  For this one you do nothing, however if you can get others to join you're investment will make money quicker.  I am still new to this one but I have seen people's accounts making money really quickly.

They are working for me, I recommend Traffic monsoon as this is giving me free advertising now it is running and has make me over 400% profit on my investment so far and Beonpush is helping me towards my goal of following my on line business aims full time.

So click on the links and give them a go.  

This article was published on 05.04.2016 by Chris Patterson
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