I Never Thought This Would Work

Eight Years Ago I was Shown A Video Of A Television Show That Investigated A Product Called Protandim.

 Click Here To Watch The Video ( https://youtu.be/-dHxKOUxXxo ).

That was eight years ago. I started off with great interest in what the product Protandim can do and The Lifevantage company had patents on it but I was skeptic about doing the business. I had never been in a MLM before but I had always been a business owner.

Today my business grosses over $600,000 USD a year and I'm just getting started. 

Lifevanatge has just expanded globally and is in the following countries.

Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Republica Dominicana, Osterreich, Belgien, Deutschland, France, Ireland, Italia, Nederlands, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, United States, Austraila and New Zealand.

Lifevantage is building a catalog of category creating products based around NRF2 activation.

What is NRF2 Activation? I say it is what Science has been looking for. 

Picture having a business that has a product that naturally fights and removes free radicals from your cells and lowers oxidative stress 40% in 30 days! 

We to do not claim to cure, treat or mitigate any diseases but we can say Protandim has been proven in a clinical trial to lower Oxidative Stress 40% in 30 Days in Humans! 

Oxidative Stress is the root cause of over 200 diseases. Now do you think if you lower your oxidative stress level you might have a chance of lowering your chances of getting a disease that is in your DNA?

This is Very Exciting and Lifevantage also has a product called Protandim NRF1. This NRF1 activates your cells to build more Mitochondria giving you more energy like you had in your youth! 

There is also a product for Your Dog that works just like Protandim, Activating your best friends NRF2 and helping them live a longer Life. Oh did I mention that there is a study that has proven Protandim DOES EXTEND LIFE !????.   https://youtu.be/301ydpx8C9k 

In just a few weeks w

Lifevantage will be releasing a Shampoo hair care System that has NRF2 activation for your scalp and hair. At first I did not think much of this, then I started seeing the results of peoples hair growth, Amazing. Then I found out the Hair Care market is over $82 BILLIION !  We will have the ONLY NRF2 activated Hair Care System in the WORLD! 

Now would you like to know how you can make money as a Lifevantage Distributor?

I am here to help you get started but hurry! Others are going to find out about us and your spot may get taken.

Contact me with your questions and to help you get started.

Best regards,

Steve Lehmann

Distributor I.D.# 184741

This article was published on 22.11.2018 by Steve Lehmann
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