What is HBNaturals?

The full name is Heart & Body Naturals and was established in 2017 with one purpose and that was to share the synergistic healing products that have been formulated with the healing properties of plants. It is a sub-division of a company called Green Organics.

Alexandria Brighton who is one of the founders is also the creative mind behind the formulation of the products. She is a world-renowned aromatherapist, educator as well as the owner of the Brighton Institute of Botanical Studies. Together with Paula Scarcella and Ben Scarcella, she founded HBNaturals.

This is a multi-level marketing business. What makes this a legitimate operation is the fact that there is an actual product that is being sold and not only about building a network of recruits. Even though I have a strong opinion about MLM which I have made public in my article, “What is a multi-level marketing business?“, I have objectively assessed what this company has to offer and am offering my opinion only.

Products - Hemp Oils to Soap

All the products are organic, plant-based, gluten-free and dairy-free. In addition, they are non-GMO which means that they are non-genetically modified organisms so there is no artificial manipulation of the components that are used to manufacture the products.


Hemp Seed Oil

The list of products range from their primary Pure Full Spectrum Hemp to personal health care.



All the ingredients for the products are documented as well as detailed information provided as a PDF download for reference. Outlined in this documentation is a product summary, country of origin, the extraction method used, which part of the plant has been used as well as a “safety group” rating.

The Hemp Herbal range includes 500mg herbal drops and 1 000mg herbal drops which is 100% legal and available in 49 states in the USA. No sale or shipment is available in Kansas though. The range has a downloadable product information and label page, independent third-party lab results page and a certificate of analysis. These tests have been performed by Pro Verde Laboratories which is a Massachusetts based laboratory offering analytical testing and consulting services in the Medical Marijuana (MMJ) segment.

The Pure Full Spectrum Hemp is unlike CBD isolate products which is cannabidiol in its purest form possible, and includes a wide range of cannabanoids present in the hemp plant. This range is preferred above CBD isolates because all the cannabanoid properties work together to fight inflammation. The same cannabanoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids, vitamins and mineral that are found in the industrial hemp plant are present in the Pure Full Spectrum. Studies that were conducted showed that the cannabanoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant produced a synergistic effect which is also referred to as the “entourage effect“.

Weight Loss offers “Slimmer” for healthy weight management and doesn’t contain any laxatives or stimulants. It does sell for a hefty price of $59.95. “Vitaltea” is an anti-oxidant beverage that promises to cleanse the digestive system more powerfully than any other.

Superfoods is a range that guarantees reduced inflammation. The Healing Trilogy is made up of MIND – ayurvedic brain superfoods, BODY – ayurvedic cardio, and SOUL – ayurvedic pH.

EO (Essential Oils) are offered as singles or blends. The oils can be used to treat a variety of conditions and is known to treat and bring relief to trauma sufferers. They even offer a blend for children to help fight bacteria and viruses with immune-stimulant properties.

It is critically important that the documentation that is provided with each of these products is read thoroughly. Not all of them can be ingested and because they are highly concentrated, dosage should be monitored carefully.

The cost of the products ranges from $8 for Hemp Seed Bar Soap – $320 for the Healing Trilogy Value Pack.

The business opportunity. The MLM of HBN.

This is a very standard multi-level marketing business with the possible exception that commissions for some of the ways to earn are paid out daily. They do offer training to get you started and to help set you up. You are also given the standard website with your individual affiliate link from which you are able to promote the products and/or business opportunity.


If you are wanting to join you would have to enlist through a consultant. You can’t just go to the website and join. You will be asked for a member ID or username. When you do join through a consultant you will be taken to their site which is a prepared site with all the products, compensation plan and training modules.

There are 3 sites that will be given to you with your consultant ID as the link from which you will be able to recruit others.

HBNaturals.com – which is the main website or online headquarters. This is very convenient because all the information related to the products and business are on this site.

HBNExpress.com – this is a landing page where all new recruits will go to enter their names and email address with the option of including a phone number. I don’t advise this as it is definitely out of my comfort zone to paste my number on the internet. An email address is one thing but personal contact details is another.

HBNKids.com – this is a site dedicated to the promotion of the products for children. Anyone who makes any online purchases from this page will go through you as the consultant and you will receive the commissions for the respective sales.

The support that you get is certainly better than many hundreds of other MLM companies. There is a library which offers marketing materials, training materials, internet banners for marketing purposes, social media images, and many more useful tools to help you along the way.

What is the payment structure?

There are 7 ways to earn commissions –

Retail – you earn 50% of the CV (Commissionable Value).

Fast Start – up to 30% on wholesale orders made by those who you have recruited within their first 90 days of signing up.

Star – $100 and $300 monthly bonuses. This is dependent on the number of active members that are in your team.

Dual Infinity Matrix – earn up to $1 for every 50 CV points placed by participants in your network irrespective of who they signed up under.

Dual Binary – earn 4%, 8%, or 12% depending on your PV (Personal Volume).

Binary Match Commission – consultants who are Bronze and higher in the ranks qualify to earn a check match. This can go up to 7 generations deep and there is no limit to the number of checks that you can match.

Rank Advancement Bonus – you have to be an active Pearl consultant or above to qualify. These payouts are split into 10 monthly payments.

It’s complicated but with the dual infinity matrix and binary structure it is more balanced than the majority of binary compensation plans.

HBNaturals Pros & Cons

The Ups

It is free to join. There is no monthly or annual membership fee.

3 websites that are fully prepared for you to begin operating as a consultant.

The parent company is a financially sound company with a seven-year track record.

30-day refund policy for US citizens.

No inventory or shipping hassles.

Training videos are available.

Different possible ways of earning commissions.

One of the very few companies that offers a matrix AND binary dual plan.

The Downs

To advance you must recruit other participants.

Without any online marketing knowledge or experience it is going to be extremely difficult to promote yourself as a consultant.

No refund policy for international orders.

Complex compensation model.

Who is HBNaturals For?

Anyone who loves the health and wellness sector is going to love these products. It is for people who are ailing and struggling with health issues as well as people who want a more balanced life with the addition of natural supplements to their diet.

There is great provision made for children as well with a product called Nourish. It boosts their immune system, increases their pH levels, excellent for digestive health and overall health and vitality.

Support at HBNaturals. What tools do they provide?

There is a very interactive online presence which includes a chat and help center. I don’t know whether this is available 24/7 though. They offer full training with all the necessary material to help you get started and to sustain you with information about the products.

Since the website(s) that come with your enrollment as a consultant are hosted by them there is no need to worry about having to deal with online technical issues.

To join HB Nautrals: http://www.hbnpowerline.com/boucy

Or to order: http://shophbn.com/boucy

This article was published on 26.10.2018 by Jean Gerard Boucicault
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HBNaturals - Health, Free to join

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