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Got Traffic?

When an online marketer finally understands they must get more visitors to their funnel, most go off the deep end.

They blast into full panic mode because they just can't figure how to slip by the whole "write persuasive copy" block in the road. 

Unless you understand and use these 3 business-saving Getting Traffic To Your Funnel critical components, you'll be clueless how your problems will soon spin out of control.

Critical Component #1: Traffic Methods Are Constantly Changing 

The #1 thing you need to understand with this critical component is if you don't keep up with the changes you'll be left behind.

All marketers must understand this fact... if you get no visitors to your funnel, you'll make no sales.

Staying current with traffic trends - and how to get it to your offers - is the lifeblood of your business.

Your first step is to choose the traffic method you'll focus on.

Critical Component #2: Send Them To A Proven Offer 

Here's the aha moment for most people with this simple component: if you don't have a proven offer your traffic won't convert.

The most important thing to get in this section is the best traffic in the world won't convert with a boring offer.

Your business will crash and burn if your offer is boring because you'll lose customers to your competition.

Your second step is to make your offer irresistible to your visitors.

Critical Component #3: Build An Email List Or Go Broke 

The core idea you need to grasp here is if you're not collecting the email addresses of people interested in your offer you'll have no way to follow up with them.

That means you'll only have one chance to show them why they need your product.

This spells the difference between success and failure because hardly anybody buys on the first contact. If you have no email follow-up system you're leaving 90% of your possible profits on the table.

Your third step is to start building your email list today. 

Once you understand the facts about getting traffic to your offer you can move forward with confidence - and going through these 3 critical components is a great start for any online marketer! 

But as you can see, this really is just the tip of the iceberg

Need even more? 

If you're an online marketer who wants to get more visitors to your funnel... check out this video.  

Claim your copy right now!

This article was published on 14.03.2018 by Dave Kotecki
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