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Hi there all. My name is Bojan and I'm from republic of Macedonia/Europe.

I would like to offer 1 internet moneymaking opportunity. The company is called CrowdRising. It was launched in march. The company doesn't keep any of the money donated. It functions like this: You donate 20$ and by doing that you upgrade to level 1. You will be given a referral link and you can start looking for referrals. In the level 1 you can have 5 referrals and they donate you 20 dollars each. In the secend level you have 25 referrals which you don't have to recruit, that's job of your level 15 referrals. You get donations from referrals 10 levels deep. You can join for free, but the company gives you 24 hours to upgrade by donating 20$ and that will be the only money you get from your pocket. Join for free here:

The crowd may rise. This is the best program i'm in. 100% of the money comes back to its members.

Another good company which i'm in is FutureNet. It's a Polish company launched in April. FutureNet is a social network that rewards you for using it. In other words you earn from your activity on the site The company is growing. The FutureNet mobile application has 10 thousand downloads already. Join for free on this link:

I will be your friend there and we can cooperate and do business together. Today FutureNet had a big corporate event in Warsaw, Poland. 

FutureNet is the future of social media. Facebook doesn't pay you for chatting, sharing, liking, posting etc. FutureNet pays to its members for their activity on the site. They calculate high earnings on chat. Once you are in i'll explain to you more about it cause i will be your sponsor and friend. I'm in FutureNet since the end of march when the company was in prelaunch. People from all over the world are there. You can socialize and make friends, plus you earn. Plus you can advertise your business there. I'll tell you about the groups in which you can advertise your business.

Does facebook pay you 10 to 15 cents per day just for your activity on it? When you get in the matrix by upgrading on just 10$ you will earn from commisions, and from your referrals. The royal position costs 1685$. 

 See you there


This article was published on 29.05.2016 by Bojan Jakimovski
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