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If You're Using Linkedin to Recruit New People, This Announcement is for You

Using your Facebook profile to generate free leads?

Having a tough time doing so?

No worries. While Facebook can be a fantastic platform for recruiting and many people have found great success in doing so, for some that's not the case.

So perhaps you found Linkedin or someone mentioned it to you at some point.

You open an account, create a profile and do your regular content.

Here's what you need to know about Linkedin(LI) versus Facebook(FB).

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#1) While both LI and FB are social media platforms, they both serve completely different purposes.

LI is much more business oriented where FB is much more entertainment and connection based.

This means that your typical casual content you would post on FB won't have the same impact as it would on LI.

This also extends to direct messaging(DM). When people DM you, they are completely down to the point with presenting a business opportunity or business in general. 

So don't expect a lot of casual relationship building in LI. But do expect much more business talk in general.

#2) If you're looking to recruit professionals and business builders, LI is superior compared to FB.

When you look at a place like FB, you see a lot of people that simply want to be entertained. 

Don't get me wrong, there's a ton of recruiting that happens in FB everyday. This includes many people who have never been in the network marketing space making the transition.

However when it comes to LI, there are many more people who already have the experience you want to see and who already have an understanding of the space.

Meaning these people are more likely to already have a degree of profession in networking.

So if you're looking for people who already understand your field and already have a business related mindset, you're much more likely to find those people more often on LI.

#3) LI has a user base with a higher median income versus the FB user base.

FB in general has people from every corner of the globe of all different backgrounds, incomes and professional/non-professional occupations.

Since LI is more business oriented, that means more business minded people in general that either have higher paying careers, positions and/or have made money in the online space.

And since more people in LI generally have/make more money, this also means they're more likely to invest and also invest in higher ticket items.

#4) You don't have to post nearly as much as you do on FB

Yes you heard me right. And this is because the nature once again on both platforms.

Since FB is a much more casual platform that constantly gets super casual content uploaded, that means users need to post mega frequently to keep up with the algorithm.

Not to mention that just about every user will hop on FB just about everyday to simply scroll through quick and easy to digest content.

LI is completely different as users aren't logging into it everyday to see what people are posting.

In fact, LI users in general log in maybe a couple times per week at most.

This is because LI is a lot less casual and you're not going to see the same typical and easily digestible content you would on FB.

So basically, you can post your more business related content and you can post less often to keep up with the algorithm. 

Which is great for you since uploading something every single day can be a pain.

With all that being said LI sounds like an awesome platform right?

And the answer is absolutely. There is a way to make it even better however...

And that is creating a Free All-Star Profile.

What does it means to hit all star on your profile?

It means that you've put in enough effort on your profile to now have you coming up more often in other people's recommended searches.

By doing so, you'll be having professionals come to you and other professionals having an easier time finding you.

So what if you could increase your chances of recruiting professionals and business builders on your team and you could optimize your profile to help those same people to more easily find you?

Well you can find out by clicking here to get access to the free 5-day training on how to create a profile that will easily get the right people to find you and maximizing the leverage that LI has to offer to attract the most business builders and professionals your way.

This article was published on 30.06.2021 by Kevin Williams
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