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Everyone loves Jerky

Hi I don't know you yet but I would like you to step into my mind for a moment. I think it is a fact that you have purchased Jerkey before and you will purchase it again in the future.

So how is Jerkey direct different?

  • No hormone growth just grass fed cattle.
  • No harmful additives or preservatives
  • Gluten Free
  • Soft and moist
  • You get 2 bags and a website for only $14.98 a month
  • Any order you purchase the Jerky wholesale
  • Order by the bag or by the case
  • Free training when you join my team.
  • You get paid on 7 levels

Joining Jerky direct was the best decision I ever made no one gets hurt because it's just Jerky you are going to buy it and eat it anyway why not start your own business share it with others and you make the profit vs having a big retailer you win your family wins your friends win everyone is a winner.

Now I know what your thinking where is the money involved? Great question with Jerky Direct you get paid on 7 levels now a single leg with you recruiting Bob you get $2 Bob recruits Tom Bob gets $2 you get $.025 Tom gets Jim you make another $0.25 Jim gets Mary you get a $1 Mary gets Tina another $0.25 and Tina gets Charles you get another $1 for a grand total of $5 don't seem like much right wrong because we believe in the power of 6 so you get 6 people once you have your 6 you work at getting your 6 their 6 so the most you ever have to get is 42 people and your done and you keep teaching this 6x6 mentality you get 6 and help them get 6 and keep doing that for 7 levels here is what your income would be on a monthly basis. I will show you the first 4 levels you can figure out the other 3 for yourself.

I have been with countless opportunities I have never came across a system that is so simple and duplicatable as this if you are not making any money at your current company which I know a lot of you are not just come here plug in to the training and stick around for a year and thank me for showing you all about Jerky direct. You will not regret it it will be the best and tastiest decision you have ever made in your life all you have to do is say here try this Jerky people will say omg where did you get that it is so good show them your website get them involved help them get 6 and your life will change for the better.

If not this what? 

If not you than who?

If not now than when?

Take the tour visit

Your Guide: Joseph Monsen

Your Tourcode: qualityjerky

This article was published on 18.09.2015 by Joseph Monsen
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