128 BTC Bitcoin Earning and Crowdfunding

128 BTC Bitcoin Earning and Crowdfunding

Time has come to help other make BTC change peoples lives forever.

Create A team of BTC lovers and come join us at 128BTC only for the serious for the go getters. 

Welcome to the world of 128BTC! : We are overwhelmed with the responses from across the world but what makes us more happier is to see many people have reached 5th & 6th level in less than 4 months. This is the power of 128BTC, please keep bringing active participants to our community so that you grow faster as the community grows. Cheers!

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128 BTC is a Peer-To-Peer Team Crowdfunding System utilising the king of all Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin.

This is an inexpensive simple platform that anyone can take part in for around 20 USD. It is structured to allow you to earn half of every transaction that takes place in your group structure.

For those techies who are interested, it uses a platform called the Mobius Loop and System G Technology. This ensure that the program works effectively, giving you the best chance of building your Bitcoin balance and most of all securely, protecting your privacy and your funds.

This system also ensures that anyone who joins your 128BTC team, will always follow you and be with you, as you will also follow the person that you join under. This creates loyalty and integrity.

Get started with 128BTC Program for just 0.0005 BTC! >>>

The 128 BTC platform can be referred to as a crowdfunding system that enables you to earn BTC to fund any purpose that you decide. This can be to increase your own earnings, to support your family, or your friends, especially during this difficult time, where money is scarce and jobs are being lost every day.

It can of course also to be used to raise funds for your club or society, or good cause or charity.

You decide!

The 128 BTC system enables you to earn both from your upline and your downline, even immediately after registering.

The platform is very simple, totally transparent, fully automated, and because there is no middleman, a bit like a smart contract, it cannot be manipulated or accessed by anyone but you. You are the owner and the controller of your funds.

The system gives you a dashboard to enable you to fully control every aspect of your business.Earn from the comfort of your own home, share it with a few friends and let it earn 24/7 for you.

Sign Up & Earn 128BTC

This article was published on 17.09.2021 by Paul Villella
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