Have Pain? I'm giving away FREE samples. Knock out the pain today!

Hello, how are you doing today? I hope you and your families enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

I want to take some time today to speak with you about a brand new product that has just launched not long ago. It's our 10XPURE Gold CBDa Muscle and Joint Relief Cream. It has 12mg of CBDa (CBDa is 1000x more potent than regular CBD) It also has 20mgs of total cannabinoids per packet. It does a number of any joint and muscle pain. This stuff works fast! Rub it on and just wait, you will feel the difference in no time. 

I will share a personal testimony. So, my brother who has broken his femur bone years back. Since then he has suffered from on-going pain, I would feel so bad for him because no one should have to go through life in pain. Yes there's the option of taking pain meds, and he did but of course after a short amount of time the pain meds would dissipate, and he would have to retake them again. So, when I came across this product, I thought to myself, this would be great for him to use and I'm sure he would experience the benefit in no time. So, I paid him a visit and gave him some samples, he told me he would try them out. So, that night before going to bed he rubs some on his leg, the next day he gave me a call and told me that the pain is gone! He was so happy and full of joy as a result, he also told me that he rubbed some on his shoulder as well because he was feeling pain there as well and the pain was gone in his shoulder as well. And the best part of it all is that when I went to pay him a visit a week later, he told me that he didn't even have to use it anymore for a whole week! Yes, the pain was gone for a full 7 days. I was like WOW! So, of course, he asked how he can get a full months supply of this cream, I showed him how and placed the order for it. He's going to be a Customer for life as a result. Yes, of course, I made money but what brought me joy was the fact that he doesn't have to live his life anymore with pain! 

I have other testimonials as well but I won't include them here for now. I will later though. 

So, hopefully from what you have learned from this testimony that you can see and understand the power of CBDa and what it can do for anyone in pain. If you are suffering from pain or know anyone who is get in touch with me so I can get some samples in your hands so you too can experience the power of this product. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my post today and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a blessed evening! 

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This article was published on 02.12.2020 by Terry Walker
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