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How To Increase Your Connections On MLM Gateway, And Why You Should Be Doing It

As a member of MLM Gateway, you should be focusing on building your connection base.

For some, this may seem difficult as a credit is needed to connect with someone.

But, good news is, I will share with you how you can increase your connections on MLM Gateway without using credits as well as with them.

So if you wish to get the most from using this platform, you will find today's business announcement a very helpful in the least.

Why Build Connections?

First thing to point out, is why we need to be building our connection base here at MLM Gateway.

The most important reason, is because a connection on MLM Gateway, is like having an email lead generated from your website.

Anytime you message someone here, they get an email letting them know. Just like had you emailed them directly to their inbox.

Just the same, when you create a new business announcement, all your connections are alerted. This in turn can lead to a lot of traffic reading your latest announcement.

It's basically the same as having direct email access to your connections, which you are trying to do anyway.

How Can I Increase My Connections?

First off, we need to increase our credits.

We do this by either purchasing them, or earning them.

If I buy credits, I use a small portion of them to connect with a few new people, almost every time.

I run ads with the rest of them.

You can also create more content for the website, and get at least 5, or 10 credits if you are a featured professional.

So always create new content, and get credits to connect with more people.

Lastly, referring others get us credits. But, when you refer someone to MLM Gateway, you can connect with that referral without using a credit. So be sure to connect with everyone you refer, and connect with a few more from the credits you earned.

How Can I Get Free Connections?

In order to do this, you will need to refer people, or have others send you the connection request.

So we will want to get more exposure to increase the sent connection requests to us.

We can do this by mostly commenting on business announcements of other members. The author will be notified of your comment, and other readers will see it.

Be sure to comment on the business announcements that will pull in the most readers. If you think a business announcement has an interesting title, most likely others will too.

Use your comments for the announcements that will most likely get the most readers.

SECOND, you can ask for connections in your own business announcements.

Just like I do below, you can request others send you a connection request, or have them comment to let you know they would connect with you.

When you create a popular business announcement, it usually leads to a good amount of new connections.

Don't Just Send Requests Blindly

The worse mistake you can make, is to just send out connection requests to everyone.

You need to send only to those who upload an image, comment on your announcements, or reply to your ads ran here.

Featured professionals are great to send connections to, as they are in for the long run. They will accept them.

Some profiles are created, and forgotten. So sending connections to profiles who are not active, can result in losing a credit with no response.

Look for those who are active, or at least have an image uploaded.

Did This Help?

If you got some good ideas from today's business announcement, please leave a comment below.

Also, let's connect! Send me a connection request and I will accept it. Or comment below and let me know you would be open to connecting, and I'll send you one.

Be sure to share this as well on your social profiles and use your link in the post! It may help you get more referrals!

P.S Want me to place people in your downline for you? Take this free tour here and I will put paying customers in a team, that you too can earn from!

This article was published on 24.04.2019 by Jaye Carden
Member comments:

Jaye Carden Thanks for the comments everyone. I appreciate them very much!  5 years ago
Robin C Lorentz This was really helpful to me! I joined last year but health issues slowed me down. Am now excited to implement your good advice! Thanks, and hope to connect!  5 years ago
Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma WEll said I really enjoyed reading this Thanks for sharing some great tips. lately I have been selective in terms of connections. True what you said some profiles are forgotten I a  5 years ago

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