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Facebook Secrets To Building An Opportunity

It seems every marketer and home business owner wants to use the power of Facebook to build their business. Problem is, most will either get their accounts blocked, or spend more money on ads than they can make in profits. If this feels like you, then you are about to learn something that will change how you understand Facebook marketing and finally get the results you need.

First thing to know, is Facebook does not like you to make money on their platform unless you are paying them to do so. This is why so many posts are declined, accounts are shutdown, and even ads turned down if they do not fit their terms.

So now you understand why just spamming everyone you meet is a bad idea. Even if Facebook allowed it, it would still not be the way you want to market.

Just spamming people, sending messages everywhere, posting your check (or only the part with your name on it) is unattractive to most people.

You need to learn Attraction Marketing, and how you can have people wanting to know more about you and what you are doing. Letting them come to you, and raise their curiosity is the key factor with Facebook, and any other social media program.

So how do we learn more about these methods on Attraction Marketing?

By WATCHING THIS VIDEO you will get to learn first hand how my friend of Facebook Michelle has used the website to make millions of dollars in her home business. She is an expert when it comes to using Facebook, and knows all about the Attraction Marketing techniques to get people by the hundreds, everyday, asking her to tell them what she is doing.

This gives you power. To make it more simple on you, remember this concept when you work on Facebook:

  • Raise curiosity NOT resistance

This means you do not just jam down the throats of your friends your opportunity. You do not even MENTION any details about your opportunity either.

Why Don't I mention my company?

If you tell them what company you are with, why do they need to contact you? They know now, and off to the search engines to see if it is a scam. Of course, they see it is from someone who gave up in 30 minutes after joining.

If you leave your company name out, they HAVE to contact you. From there you can set up a time to speak with them, answer their questions, and give them the real information about your opportunity. Make sense yet?


If you haven't clicked on the link above yet, I will leave it again below so you can watch the video with Michelle go deep into detail with Facebook marketing.

The value you get from this video is so powerful, it will have your time on Facebook making you more money and generating more leads than ever before. 

Remember, most people on Facebook are doing it all wrong, and driving more people away from them than to them. This is your chance to get on Facebook, and get way ahead of your competition.

WATCH NOW as Michelle teaches you her exact methods and strategies to generating over 100 new leads everyday, and making over a million dollars a year, all with just using Facebook.

This article was published on 08.02.2016 by Jaye Carden
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Dr Sudhanshu Pati Very interesting post. I would bookmark the video for future  7 years ago

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