Anyone struggling to recruit in network marketing? this helps

Network marketing recruiting strategy

Does recruiting for network marketing seem so hard? You may have a company that you are excited about, the products are good, your network marketing compensation plan is good. As much as you have tried to share with people it seems so hard, too much rejection and nos. I was in that situation but not anymore. If you read one of my MLM gateway business announcements I was in the top twenty for bringing people to MLM gateway, referring to MLM gateway also got me some commissions. I am also doing well in my primary business in terms of recruiting. So let me break down some of the missing points. With these network marketing tips, your business may change. Let's go

1.    Use a personally branded website as a network marketing recruiting strategy

Some may say but wait for the company I am promoting has given me a website to use. I am not talking about that kind of website. All network marketing experts own a website where they post updates, blogging, collect emails and so on. A website has to do the work for you. In my case for example if you look at the end of this MLM business announcement you will see a link to my website. Every person I have to send there comes came to me saying “WOW it looks professional”. On average my website gets about 70 -100 people on a daily basis. This means The website is doing the work on my behalf. My question is do you own a personal website?


2.    Lack of mentorship about online network marketing

My favorite quote “To know the road ahead, Ask those coming back” We live in a world where someone is trying to figure out things on their own. Yet someone somewhere is saying I have been there I have done that. My network marketing business changed the day I decided to learn from people that have walked the path before me. Which is why since 2015 to this day  I have been getting mentorship and training from wealthy affiliate community click here to check it out. Though you can create a free account, premium training and mentorship is $49/month. The training there changed my life, my business and the people around me. If you check one of my MLM gateway business announcement with the title 60 referrals in 30 days you will understand what I mean. My question for you- Are you constantly getting help, tips, strategies about the online marketing methods that are working today?  

3.    Lack of human interaction in your conversations

Though most people are given network marketing recruiting s at times it may not work. We are humans interacting and talking is part of our well-being. I have been approached by countless people the first thing they do when starting a conversation is to send a link to their offer> Let’s face it how do you feel each time someone does that. In most cases, they send a link and you will never hear from them again. What has worked for me is making friends asking them how their business is going asking about what it is like in their country, asking about their current job and so on. Later on I transmission the conversation to something like “ so do you own a personal website?” In most cases, they say no I then say look at my website I send a link to my personal website, not a business link for them to join. The next thing they say is wow that looks nice. The rest is history… My question for you, Are you building relationships or you are pitching your business?


I have been asking questions throughout this MLM gateway business announcement. Kindly comment answers below I would like to hear your thoughts. If we are not connected within MLM gateway please let's connect.

To your success

Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma

This article was published on 14.05.2019 by Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma
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