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Never in $5K a mo. plus club in MLM ?...this is for you !

My story:

I am an MLM Veteran. Back in the 90's, for about 2 years I had the fastest growing organization in the fastest growing MLM in the USA. I had been an attorney for a dozen years and I was burned out. I was able to replace my attorney income in about 14 months. I started part-time! I had no prior MLM success. In fact, I tried a few companies and it went no where. Third time was a charm. Also, I got lucky and was trained by the then tiger woods of MLM. Our group was built by virtually no one with prior MLM experience.  We employed his method & POW. 

I can tell you categorically nothing has really changed no matter what any one tells you. We just have some great tools that give us more leverage yet so do a lot of other folks. Take a look at my bullet training. I am happy to give anyone especially folks never been in the 5K a month plus club a 30 minute discussion on it! I have 3-4 pointers I know will boost your business 4 sure. I am happy to share them with you! It is all good!  

What's the catch ? Take a good look at my program as  your Plan B!  Please remember biz effort wise your prime goal is to have a viable residual income !  This is working out quite nicely for a few folks that I am working with! Happy to provide you examples on this very point.

MLM BULLETT TRAINIG:  Build a large successful MLM organization: "No Matter" the company or comp plan! 

USE YOUR PRODUCT: Pasion for your product 1000% w/o any business opportunity! Without this you have no chance.

TALK TO PEOPLE: Talk to folks “open to hearing about your  product/biz from you ”at every opportune moment! 

TELL STORIES: All questions and objections answered with a story. Ingredients leads to debate and “debate”   will lead to no sale i.e. the ole analysis paralysis.

CHASE THE BIZ: Who do they know (your prospect, customer, new rep) that could use what you have to offer? This is also implements the "crucial" rule of duplication. Be sure and map this out! This is where the  fortune is made! Get personal coaching on the mapping technique. If your upline even knows it?  

LEARN THE ART OF PROMOTION: 90% of biz. “The day you start is the day you  set the date in the future when your “results” will come into existence.” How soon do you  want the pain to go away? How soon do you want to quit your job? 

GAUGES: Keep track where your best results are coming from. Change a losing game never change a winning game!  Dan Douroux 949.375.3762 EST  I am a text away or just start dialing!

Of course, I must make a disclaimer. There is always luck involved and other factors. Everyone's results vary!

This article was published on 27.09.2020 by TLC Stem Cells
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