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Gold is at a 5 year low how much should I buy?

Dear Colleague,

Goals without meaning are just empty promises we make to ourselves. “Winning and losing is truly an inside job. No one can dictate our successes or losses because we are the only ones responsible for choosing inner peace (the real source of authentic success.)

 You Should Own Karatbars International GmbH Gold. My new Web Site:

YouTube On gold, financial expert Jeff Berwick thinks, “Just in the last few weeks, I have noticed a change. When the markets have been crashing, gold has a powerful monetary value that is crucial to understand.

 Steve Mac (Steve Mac Brasil)  

Although I gave this report the 'thumbs up'... as normal, due to the hard work & coverage by Greg - I must admit That Even Though I am a Spiritually orientated individual... leave out the connection or references to any Biblical or prophetic events ... deal with the facts and daily reality of what's happening !!!. Also, don't promote BITCOIN or its equals... as an alternative.. because - if there's no Internet or no electricity - you haven't got anything !!!... Why is everyone against the PROPOSED withdrawal of CASH from society???.. because those in charge of your 'electronic transfer' of 'promise of payment' can shut you down at any moment... no notice. Same applies should the Internet or electric go down !!!. Just keep to the physical facts

 As Hans F. Sennholz , one of the great Austrian school economists, explained:

“For more than two thousand years gold’s natural qualities made it man’s universal medium of exchange. In contrast to political money, gold is honest money that survived the ages and will live on long after the political fiats of today have gone the way of all paper.”

The study of gold and silver is the study of money – monetary economics.

Don’t worry; the basic economics that are necessary to understand are pretty simple and straightforward. It’s a vital topic that can help us understand why the ideal gold and silver strategy is a long-term saver’s approach Gold has been viewed as a way to pass on and preserve wealth from one generation to the next, especially because of global demand. For example, as of 2014, China’s gold demand has quadrupled in a decade, surpassing India as the top consumer. A conservative outlook to 2017 suggests demand will increase at least 20% Check out My new Web Site:

This article was published on 10.09.2015 by Larry Claypool
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Carol Bettis Thanks for sharing your opportunity, have heard good things about gold.  8 years ago

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