Get your Leggings and Joggers on!

Fashion trends are always changing, but do you know what I love?  Activewear continues to rise!  I love this for a couple reasons~ first because I like to be comfortable, and our clothes are certainly that.  Next because, hello, there are always people interested in my line!  Have you heard of Zyia Active?  If you live in the US or Canada, I hope you have not only heard of us, but have tried our clothes too!  With seasonal staples, and weekly new releases, Zyia keeps the energy up, and the consumers are happy and invested.   

Zyia is a family company, with family values.  Light, Activity, Community, and Uplift are the pillars that we believe in.  My team leaders are in the top 2% of Zyia, and they are so wonderful at guiding the rest of us on our path. That path could be anything, and often is!  

Zyia Reps can build a team and a customer base in the US and in Canada.

You can work only online, totally offline, or a combination of both.

You can run parties, a VIP customer group, or neither.

You can build a loyal customer base, a team, or just enjoy the 25% discount, it is all up to you.

**The starter kit includes 5 staple items in your size, a $100 gift card to spend how you want, and $50 in business fees.  Only $295 US! (Roughly $380 value)

Regardless of which path you'd prefer to travel, or your goals with Zyia, I am here to assist you with making that a reality!   Maybe you are like I was, and never imagined that you could run a business, thought that activewear was for thinner and more active people, and couldn't see the magic that is Zyia.  I didn't jump right in, and I really regret that.  Once I did, I gained so much! I gained a much more fashionable wardrobe full of clothes that actually fit me.  The right clothes gave me more confidence, and now I am a pro at going live, and love to share with everyone.  I learned how to network, and how to maintain relationships without every having met in person.  I also gained freedom from some of my financial goals, and am making strides toward future milestones.

Allow me to help you get you some brand new clothes, and a business! 

Stop by my VIP group and say hi :

Take a look at my US shopping site (message me for the Canadian site please) :

And let's get started!

This article was published on 26.08.2021 by Erika Chelsea Benson
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Zyia Active - activewear, 295 USD to join

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