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Why become a doTERRA distributor?

doTERRA distributor

Wanting to become a doTERRA distributor is not really enough, if someone truly wants to be successful. A doTERRA distributor needs to know why they are starting a business with doTERRA

Any journey starts with a decision and in the case of doTERRA, a very important decision if you want to develop and improve oneself. 

Yes, doTERRA is a  journey of self discovery, because you will be expected to move out of your comfort zone and walk on roads less traveled. What benefits you will gain from this journey will be up to you, but the most successful distributors become transformed from the experience. One doTERRA distributor informed me when I joined many years ago that doTERRA was not just a business opportunity with great high quality products, it was also one of the best personal development and self help courses on the planet. 

And I can well believe that... 

Because, becoming a successful doTERRA distributor means adopting the same fundamental rules we all use to achieve anything worth having in life.


But why doTERRA?

Well, there was some elements of doTERRA I liked from the very start. 

Such as:

  • Low start up fee
  • Globally growing company
  • Product growth and sustainability
  • Free webshop
  • No monthly fee
  • A massive customer base
  • The growth of the essential oils market in the health and wellness industry

There was other factors that influenced me, which were important when I joined, such as the company having a honest and transparent nature which was rare to find in the MLM industry even 10 years ago. In addition, everything including the CEO and management team were upfront and legitimate, while the essential oils were loved by the customers and distributors alike. So, I could see that doTERRA could attract the right person looking for a legitimate business opportunity who themselves would be honest and transparent. This aspect was very important to me when deciding weather to join doTERRA or not.

Does a doTERRA distributor get any help and support?   

Yes, very much so, the main issue for many joining doTERRA is using the tools and educations available to them. The usual argument is that "life gets in the way" which for me says that someone may want to start a business, but does not know why.


The main training forum in doTERRA's "Empowered success business training" which is FREE and can be accessed from the doTERRA distributors backoffice.

In addition, a new doTERRA distributor can use their enroller and upline for more personal mentoring and training. Of course, Facebook groups have been setup to allow cross training support and questions answered.

I personally offer online services to those who are interested including my well received eBook "Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing" which is available on Payhip, Amazon and Lulu.

What skills and knowledge are needed to become a successful doTERRA distributor?

I personally believe that the key factor to becoming successful as a doTERRA distributor is the willingness to learn. Many believe that no work is required in network marketing and that people will just buy their products and join their business. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth. Even though a doTERRA distributor will get lots of help and support from the upline they also need to take responsibility for their own learning. This means taking action and if you don't know something, ask your mentor or search the internet and find out. 

doTERRA maybe one of the easiest network marketing business available online, however all businesses need someone to take action for the business to move forward.

Are there other aspect a new doTERRA distributor should consider? 

This list below really sets out a set of mindsets and actions that most successful doTERRA distributors have or have to do: 

  • They are serious dreamer
  • They aim for their goals
  • They always aim high
  • They have a real understanding of their WHY!
  • They create a list of all the possible changes they will need to make in their life
  • They create a list of all the skills they need to achieve their set of goals
  • They always make their goals achievable
  • They make a 1-year plan
  • They write down the specify moves they need to make to achieve their goals
  • They write down all the things they will do within a year on their calendar
  • They always make assessments of their business plan
  • They believe they are a Leader (always in development)

How much does it cost to become a doTERRA distributor?

The cost of becoming a doTERRA distributor varies around the would, but it is about $35 (US dollars) and 20€ / £20 without tax which gives the doTERRA member:
  • 25% off all doTERRA products
  • The option to join the Loyalty reward program (LRP) which gives the doTERRA distributor between 10–30% of the distributors order back in point towards FREE doTERRA products.
  • doTERRA distributors can receive FREE products when they make an LRP order over 125 PV in a month
  • As a part of the package, a doTERRA distributor will receive a FREE webshop so they can share doTERRA product with other via social media or friends
  • For all their work doTERRA distributor will relieve bonuses and compensation 
  • Note: The basic $35 starter kit does not contain essential oils 

How easy is it to become a doTERRA distributor?

It is very easy!

If you click on the "learn more" link below and add your name and email address on the form, you will receive full information on how to enroll with doTERRA and also get a FREE doTERRA catalog, price list and a product kit guide.


As I have already mentioned, the decision to become a doTERRA distributor will become the journey of a life time and I would like to take it with you.  

This article was published on 08.07.2021 by Steven Jackson
Author's business opportunity:

doTERRA - Essential oils, 35 USD to join

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