Did you miss the bubble ?

Let me take you back...

Nov 2008.

They cost $1 each. Now they are worth $872.

if you had bought even 500 of these at that time.... You would be very very wealthy in today's market.

Most people saw the potential and bought thousands at a time and those people are multi millionaires today.

That was the BitCoin business model and still continues to this day and will continue  for many years.

However there is one flaw that I see with BCN (BitCoin) It fluctuates. One day it can be higher than the previous day and the next day it can be lower... It's a risk but everything in life is about risk right ?

The business model I have adopted today is one called TBC. TheBillionCoin. I have followed this currency from day 1 and the stats are mighty impressive. The interesting this is the coins never ever go DOWN! How can this be ? It's all down to the formula and algorithm, The way it is built is unlike anything else you will ever see. 

They started at 0.0001 per coin and today the coin value is $872. (I used usd because it is more known than  GBP). 

You can even get started with $5 if you really want! 

Everyone on the planet can be a part of this and when people truly get the vision they will see how life  changing this is. 

When i first started I 'invested' about $100 or so... today I sit on over $750'000 which to be honest is a pretty good return right ? I was lucky.. I got in near the beginning after I had watched it for a while. It is not an mlm, not an affiliate program, No passups or passdowns, you can't even buy from the main site anymore all the stake has been sold. The only way you can get some TBC now is from other members who get 100% of the sale. No one above... No one below... Like I said... Very different indeed.

All I done is exactly what I was told and what they said happened. 

If you would like to be a part of my journey and make considerable sums of money on autopilot then click the facebook link and let's get talking. 

I am working with a great-great grandma... anyone can do this! lol 

Buy now and in 6 months your life changes forever.. or do nothing... and nothing changes..I'm glad I got in when I did.

Talk soon


P.S The only way you can talk to me is by clicking my facebook profile and send me a message.
This article was published on 19.01.2017 by William O'toole
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TheBillionCoin - Crypto Currency, 20 USD to join

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