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To start things off i wanted to give a little bit of info about me.  I'm a single  father but i do have a significant other.  I work online and i also work a 9 to 5 job.   My Why is I'm really looking to get out of the 9 to 5 job, not only because of the making money from home but just because i would love and enjoy being at home with my family and attending to there needs and helping other people.   Another reason i joined IPS is because i see the potential of the business and i can live comfortable and not have to be so stressed about bills coming every month.  I have also joined IPS because its residual.  I love residual income. Nothing like doing something once and not having to do it again and have recurring money month after month.  I'm a kind of person who thinks that scared money don't make money but everyone know that you gotta spend it to make it.  When i have reach success i will be buying a nice house for my family, a family vehicle and will be taking my family out on vacations all around the world.  Live the dream and like i said before i think IPS will deliver.  When i got into network marketing i had no clue on what i was doing lol.  I just kept bouncing around from importunity to opportunity, then i decided to slow down and start reading about how it works and what it is.   I have learned alot and i'm still learning.  Im reading info on it often but alot of the things i know is from connecting with other people that are involved in network marketing.  I think what i liket the most that i have learned about is RESIDUAL INCOME.  Whoever thought of this is genius i mean come on amazing.  It makes things so so much simpler.  If your reading this and your not sure what residual means i highly recommend you to look up the definition you will love it. To end this up i just want to say i wish everyone that is in network marketing or whatever they may be doing success.  This is the very first time i have typed anything like this online.  Thank you for reading.
This article was published on 03.02.2016 by Charles Haynes
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