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Can You Rely On Tap Or Bottled Water During Corona Virus Crisis?

Never in modern times United States or the world has been affected in major ways. Schools are closed. You cannot go to work. Mandatory lockdowns are enforced. The coronavirus has shown the human beings just how vulnerable we are.

The coronavirus has also emphasized the importance of water. Imagine fighting the disease without water. NO WAY!

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Without water, people can not wash their hands to combat the spread of the disease. Water is also needed to drink. Of course, the question arises, how safe is water? Can we rely on tap water? Can we rely on bottled water?

Tap Water: Tap water is relatively safe. But recent studies have shown that Americas tap water contains over 300 pollutants (since 2004). These pollutants are unregulated. The doubts linger about the quality and safety of tap water.

Bottled Water: Bottled water has not been proven healthier than the tap water and yet people pay high price for it. Just so you know, about half of all bottled water is tap water that has been purified. But bottled water has issues:

  • Contains level of contamination that exceed allowable limits
  • It is slightly acidic affecting bodys pH balance
  • It may be unhealthy for humans as the plastic in bottled water contains BPA and phthalates
  • Plastic bottles have environmental impact

Kangen Water: Kangen water is alkaline water produced by alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines. People from Japan have been using the Kangen water to help restore the body to its original alkaline state. The machine uses tap water to turn into healthy, fresh alkaline water for drinking and shower.

Did you know there are many types of water for various purpose? Yes, indeed.

Technology is doing wonders when it comes to alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines. They filter tap water and produce alkaline and acidic water. Depending on your needs, these waters can be used for drinking, cooking, beautifying, and cleaning.

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Is kangen water beneficial, you may ask.

It really depends on your perspective. When it comes to health, American medical philosophy pursues treating symptoms whereas other folks stress prevention through healthy decisions. However, there is a consensus that maintaining a strongly alkaline internal body is essential to overall health.

If you are inclined to pursue prevention methods to maintain health, then a water ionizer is a source of high-pH alkaline water and minerals.

This article was published on 02.07.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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