How Does It Feel to See Your Company Fold?

The truth of the matter is this. It’s not a good feeling!

You work hard to establish a customer base and consultants and together everyone become a T.E.A.M. A team is not easy to build. You must nurture, educate and support people who normally work a full-time job and are trying to eliminate their status in the work force.

It takes time and serious training to create time freedom, debt freedom and quality time to spend enjoying life and the family.

You must have money to invest in the time you need to give support, training and marketing your service and product. You must acquire the training and education to learn what to say to impress upon your customers and future consultants that you are on your game.

You must represent yourself as a professional with the will to continually learn and teach others who teach others and one day you have a strong T.E.A.M.!

Traditional Direct Sales and Network Marketing companies have strict policies and each consultant must know the policy to comply with the rules and regulations. If not, their position could be terminated. 

The downside to a company folding is this, the average consultant, distributor, affiliate or representative is not prepared.

Years ago, I was taught how to build the list of 100-200 names and call them to offer an invitation to a meeting, event or conference call.

That’s certainly the way to receive a massive amount of rejection to finally hear the YES!

What comes next? Ask for referrals! That is normally the direct sales model of building a team and customers. That’s also the fast method to be placed on the NFL Club! The No-Friends-Left Club! LOL!

I’m not saying that it doesn’t work. Of course, that model works for people who have an impact on the lives of others. People who are a big influence on a multitude such as Pastors, Leaders of Organizations, Doctors and Corporate Business Owners.

That model is not easily duplicated and that’s why a higher percentage of Consultants are not prepared when their company folds.

The second half of the equation for Consultants who are not prepared is the fact that they are trained to brand the company and products or services.

It is a known fact that when an individual learns how to brand themselves, they build a list of an audience that will stay with them and together make informed decisions!

The company is taking advantage of the reps that build their customers and other reps for the company and then include a rule in the policy that no rep can cross recruit one another. Then they restrict where and how each consultant can advertise “their” business.

That always amazed me, it’s my business but they tell me where and how to promote MY Business to acquire customers and consultants!

I have the best solution ever – BRAND YOU!

Customers may be intrigued with the product. However, people buy it from those they like, know and trust.

You can be the greatest salesperson on earth. However you can’t sell to everyone simply because you are not trusted nor liked by everyone! LOL!

Companies offer you a replicated website and some material to promote their (your) products – so what!

The average consultant loses power and position branding the companies material first. The time to brand the companies material is after you have branded yourself.

How do you brand yourself first?

You need the right System, Tools, Training and Support! You also need to create a profile that speaks about YOU! And learn how to connect, communicate and close the gap of confusion so your message stands out above the average business consultant.

Brand your landing page oppose of your companies replicated website. Therefore, you have the privilege of building a list of interested prospects daily. Your marketing is on auto-pilot mode!

With a series of fail-proof messages delivered daily to your list, you have no choice but to be prepared for the good, bad and ugly! It doesn’t matter because you are in a much greater position to excel regardless of what happens in the future.

Finally, each rep should study the history of network marketing and adjust to the evolution of change.

 Attitude, Respect and good Character is the foundation of becoming a Leader!

My best advice is to start learning Attraction Marketing, Rejection Free Marketing and Permission Marketing. My finest recommendation >>

This article was published on 01.07.2018 by Paul Thacker
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