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It is always exciting when you know your vision aligns with the company you are working with, 
Many of you might be in some kind of business when FB made an appearance and today it is making billions without sharing anything with you.
You missed the chance to invest in starting on Fb, Now there is a new social media on rising that gives you the freedom to post without blocking your links.
Webtalk app just got approved last month and currently, the members are using it in early beta. The good thing is webtalk shares 50% of its revenue with its users and 10% goes to charity.

Currently, We are in tire B that gives 5 level commission for all current and future products. 
Current products include upgrade commission from referrals. i.e 10$ for pro and 20$ commission for pro platinum that is 10% if they upgraded in 50% off time period otherwise commission per year can go up to 20$ pro and 40$ pro platinum yearly.
2nd earning method is ad revenue commission. In every social media, there are ads you get nothing from it. but like youtube on webtalk you get 10% of your ad revenue generated plus your referrals 10%. If you have 5 levels that can go up to 5 levels.
Coming soon, new commission revenue streams i.e webtalk travel, webtalk marketplace, self-service, job-commission, and much more as webtalk develops.
10,000 pro or pro platinum members or if you invite 1 buyer before 10,000 sales. You have a chance to earn 5 level commission on all future revenue streams.

After Tier B ends Tier C is up to 100,000 pro or pro platinum members getting 5 level commission on current 2 revenue streams only i.e pro commission and ad revenue.
The last tier gives only ad revenue commission to 1M pro or pro platinum members.

After that, the networking aspect will disappear for future members and it will work as a normal affiliate program giving direct referral commissions. If you are reading this it's good, you can join early to take the benefit of being early and getting everything.
It's a win-win because Social media market place and travel all 3 industries are proven and webtalk is providing you 6 income streams in one.

Click the link to get started today - https://join.webtalk.co/6809522

Webtalk provides many features that you will not get in any social media like Contact management, separating contacts according to relations professional personal, or public.
Social synchronization means you will post on webtalk and posts will go everywhere with one click like on FB Twitter LinkedIn and slack more are coming in the future. 

If you know the benefits of growing early on any social platform it's your chance because in any business making an audience and online presence is most valuable. Be there on top before it goes viral. You will meet many business and motivated individuals that you find at the start when something big is about to happen. And make long-lasting relations.

Hope it helps you to understand, Are you ready to take action?

You will be starting with Founding member of Webtalk and 1st Webtalk Blogger. Join and be a part of Webtalk Blogger Army.


This article was published on 10.02.2021 by Atul Katoch
Member comments:

Kayode Ajimoko Very insightful and educative business announcement, we're looking forward to having an alternative to Facebook which limits our reach because of too many restriction.  4 months ago

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