SLIMMER Weight Loss Challenge

SLIMMER Weight Loss Challenge

Get Paid To Lose Weight!

The Heart & Body Naturals SLIMMER Weight Loss Challenge is a 90-day contest everyone can win!

Participants are paid based on the amount of weight they lose using SLIMMER and other HBN products, up to $10 per pound lost!


Prizes are awarded based on the number of pounds a participant loses during the SLIMMER Challenge. The maximum prize amount that can be earned is $500.

Lose 1-19 pounds in 90 days and earn an official SLIMMER Challenge t-shirt.

Lose 20-29 pounds in 90 days and earn $4 per pound lost.

Lose 30-39 pounds in 90 days and earn $6 per pound lost.

Lose 40-49 pounds in 90 days and earn $8 per pound lost.

Lose 50+ pounds in 90 days and earn $500!

All entry forms and eligibility information must be complete and valid in order to qualify for a prize. Prizes will be paid out after a participant's SLIMMER Challenge 90 days has ended and their Day 90 entry form & video has been received and processed.

How To Enter

Please follow all submission instructions carefully to ensure that your entry is complete. Heart & Body Naturals is not responsible for internet connectivity issues, mail delays, or misplaced or lost entries. Participants must notify Heart & Body Naturals in writing of any change of mailing address, email address, or phone number.

Each participant in the SLIMMER Challenge sets his or her own official start date. Please note that the SLIMMER Challenge entry consists of three separate submissions: (1) Day 1 form & video, (2) Day 45 form & video, and (3) Day 90 form & video.

Create a free HBN account and order 1 or more 30-day supply of SLIMMER, VITALITEA, NOURISH, MIND, BODY, or SOUL. 

Maintain an active HBN account and order 1 or more 30-day supply of SLIMMER, VITALITEA, NOURISH, MIND, BODY, or SOUL for three (3) consecutive months.

Submit Day 1, Day 45, and Day 90 entry forms and videos to be officially entered and become eligible to win prizes. Videos should be taken within 2 days of each entry date.

For each video wear either a swimsuit or form-fitting clothes and hold a national newspaper with the date clearly visible.

Each video should contain a full-body front view, full-body side view, and a view of your feet standing on a scale with both your weight and the newspaper date clearly visible.

Click here to download official entry form. Official entry forms can also be downloaded in the HBN Library of your back office.

Completed entry forms and videos should be emailed to with the subject line "SLIMMER Challenge".

Individual submissions for each of the three dates must be received by the HBN corporate office within 7 days of your 1st day, 45th day, and 90th day. All three completed forms & accompanying videos must be received for an entry to be official.

See Rules & Regulations for full participation and eligibility information.

The SLIMMER Weight Loss Challenge is subejct to applicable federal, state, and provincial laws and is void where prohibited. Submission of your SLIMMER Challenge entry form(s) shall be deemed your acceptance of the Rules & Regulations (as may be amended) and your voluntary transfer to Heart & Body Naturals of all rights, title, and interest, including copyright, of your videos and written responses.

Download Official Entry Form & Rules

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