MLMGateway Marketing Strategies and Tips


So you began using the MLMGateway website, and are wanting to build a MLM business using it.

How is it coming along so far?

Good or not so good?

Truth is, MLMGateway is a very productive and beneficial website for the MLM business owner, yet so many of us miss the opportunity of it.

This is why I want to cover a few tips and strategies to help you get more from your MLMGateway membership, and begin making more commissions and signing up more reps into your MLM business.


Just the basics alone are all you need to build a MLM business using MLMGateway.

This is where you simply message other members, comment on their business announcements, and network.

But why is it so ineffective for so many?

Because when you use MLMGateway to spam, or simply only speak about your MLM business, you get nothing from it.

You must use it to start real conversations with people. Remember everyone here already is involved in something. So using it to be a better "upline" to someone than they already have, will equal more people joining you in time.

A good tip to use, is to change the message you send to people you wish to connect with on MLMGateway. Don't use the default message, as it serves nothing more than a basic pitch. Actually put some thought and feeling into your message, and you will actually begin seeing people connect and reply back to you. This is how you open the door to build relationships on the website.

Another tip is to use the business announcements to give value and not to promote your opportunity. Writing on valuable information that helps others will get more people reaching out to you. Writing about another opportunity to join will get little to no results.


The advertising on MLMGateway is one of the best.

This is because it is very targeted, and you do not need to learn much on finding your target market. They're here.

You would be better off advertising a valuable business announcement here on MLMGateway than you would be just putting your company's webpage up. Those webpages do not pull results at all, so do not use your credits hoping someone will see your company, leave theirs, and join you.

Advertising products to help build MLM businesses will pull best results. So use the advertising wisely, and lots of it. Bid high so your ads are seen most. If you have a good ad, you will get sells and signups.


If this helped give you more ideas to use with MLMGateway, please leave a comment below.

Also, be sure to share with your team, and on your favorite social media website.

Be sure to connect with me too, I will accept all requests!

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This article was published on 16.07.2016 by Jaye Carden
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