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EV vehicles, THOUGHTS?

Do you want to, or have you looked at changing your current vehicle to an EV to help reduce your environmental footprint? Too costly to buy new? And of course, a second hand one may need a new battery that could cost more than the cars value itself? What if you could just use 1 simple tablet that can reduce your emissions by up to 80%? Yes, that's right after 4 billion liters of gas and over 30 years of testing the findings show after continuous prolonged use most vehicles reduced their emissions by up to an amazing 80%! Imagine if they had made it compulsory to use these tables to reduce emissions instead of making catalytic converters compulsory (witch now are being stolen off our vehicles) we could have had at least 60% less emissions worldwide from the 80's till now that would have been amazing, but it never happened so now we are all trying to do our part and with this absolutely amazing new product you can do your part for far less than a new EV! Not only can you make massive reductions to your environmental footprint, these tablets increase horsepower plus even more importantly they essentially pay for themselves by also increasing fuel economy by up to 26.38% in the test results, so YOU will get better fuel economy therefor saving you money, and most people are getting an average of 20% so that more than covers the cost of the tablets! Plus, another bonus is that in the case studies they found it also extends oil life. Now if you have a diesel-powered vehicle it also lowers Diesel Fuel Pour Point: Diesel fuel will “gel” at low temperatures. Diesel fuel that gels is impossible to transfer and can cause serious problems inside an engine. We have compelling test data showing that diesel fuel treated with our product gels at much lower temperatures than untreated diesel fuel. AND it doesn't stop there, Anti-Knock Agent: Our products and their components have known “anti-knocking” properties. However, the evidence supporting these claims was not conducted on our products. Instead, the research was conducted on components of our products. Even though this test wasn't actually done on our product plenty of people are reporting that it has had the effect of stopping the "knocking"

So how do we get our hands on these tablets, so that over this festive season I can save on fuel and if they are as great as you claim get some for dad for christmas? Because why wouldn't you want to give such a great gift that anyone would be glad to get with these fuel prices?

You will be glad you got these tablets and wishing you had this sooner, happy holidays and best wishes Gayne

This article was published on 04.12.2022 by Gg Wylie
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