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ML-M or Affiliate marketing?

I see lots of questions about ml-m and affiliate marketing.

Most of the time, ml-m and affiliate marketing are treated like they're as different as night and day. But they work the same way. There's only one critical difference.

In regular affiliate marketing, your only concern is selling a product. You don't consult, coach, or mentor. You don't provide customer service, and you don't offer any training. You only want to direct people to a sales funnel and sell the product. 

In net-work marketing, the most successful affiliates (distributors) use a 2-pronged approach. 

On the one hand, they sell the product to people who are interested in getting the benefits from using it, just like a regular affiliate. 

Side Note: If the company you're considering doesn't have a product or service people want and will buy, keep looking. Even if they look like they'll take over the world by next Tuesday, sooner or later the Feds are gonna show up and lay waste to your dreams of island ownership.

On the other hand, you're looking for people who want to start a business, whether they're interested in the product or not. They want to rake in some serious cabbage, and they choose an mlm company as their vehicle.

The main difference between the 2 forms of marketing, straight affiliate or network marketer, is the team-building part.

Building a team of hard-core distributors is the only way you'll create the life of your dreams with ML-M.

Success with a networking business model assumes you're the leader. The person your fledgeling product-pushers will look to - not only for motivation - but for everything they'll need to go from Clueless Carl to Leaderboard Lucy.

Whatever you do, don't fall for the pipe-dream of thinking you'll find a bunch of people who will build a huge business for you while you lay around on a beach, working on your tan, and drinking exotic adult beverages from a pineapple, while hard-bodied specimens of human perfection strut around practically naked.

You've got to show your prospects you can give them something nobody else can. You might offer bonuses or discounts. But the single most effective offer you can make is to show them how you'll help them achieve whatever goal they're after. 

You might be thinking, "OK Dave. I get it. But I just started. How am I going to help someone else succeed if I don't even know what to do myself?"

If you've decided to start an MLM business, (or you've already started and aren't yet producing positive results) there's only one way to kick butt and take names.

Here's how you do it.

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This article was published on 21.10.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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