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Greetings everyone!

My name is Jason Scott, and I am the founder and developer of a specialized investment company called BIG Group.

BIG Group focuses on providing investment opportunities to everyday people. These investments are generally only available to large corporations or high-net-wealth individuals.

Currently, our primary fund investment portfolio is investing in masternode initiatives producing over 240% compound interest annually, and we have been doing so successfully for over 48 months.

Unlike traditional network marketing companies, all members earn revenue because membership fees are invested.

Unlike cryptocurrency, which fluctuates heavily daily and has extreme volatility, our investment projects produce stable increases which have never fallen below 7% in a single month. We outperform all major cryptocurrency profits, without the volatility.

Why BIG Group?


HOW? Because all membership contributions are invested in high yield investment options delivering over 100% minimum earnings every year - we are currently averaging over 240% annually.

SO, if a member has $100 in investment tokens, the value of those tokens will be $240 after 12 months. Very few investments in the world can match that.

Stocks earn 8%-12% yearly, yet our current 48-month average yearly return is over 240%.

For members who are active network marketers:

BIG Group is the FIRST network marketing and group investing initiative of its kind in the world, which gives all active network marketers a strategic marketing advantage.

Unlike MLM's, all BIG Group members earn income all the time, regardless of their network marketing activities.

There are no product sales, all member options include investments.

What makes BIG Group different?

  1. BIG Group is 100% managed by group members. There are no consolidated shares or greater voting rights for corporate members.
  2. BIG Group members own 100% of the token distribution for the group. This means there are no mega owners or corporate shares that take profit.
  3. 100% of ALL Member Contributions are distributed into investment portfolios or rewarded back to the members, there is no corporate withholding or corporate profits.
  4. BIG Group has wealth balancing algorithms that manage earned interest portfolios. This allows greater balanced rewards amongst all contributing members, not just senior members. 

How BIG Group works

A new member joins BIG Group to participate in investment funds managed by the BIG Group.

That's it.

No sales or downline is required.

It is estimated (based on current and past results), that a member can grow their investment to a 6 figure per year passive income stream in as few as 4 years from their investment portfolio alone.

If you wish to participate in the network marketing initiative then your personal potential for massive monthly income growth is only limited to your hard work.

Network marketers can earn up to 50% of referral value each month a referred membership is active.

What is Member Contribution?

  1. Each member will join with a 12-month term member contribution contract.
  2. Contract options are called BIG Blocks.
  3. There are seven (7) BIG Block membership options.
  4. BIG Block memberships begin at just $7.00 per month and go up to $480 per month - this is your Member Contribution.

How are Member Contributions Invested?

  1. Member Contributions are distributed to three (3) fund management programs.
  2. Each fund management program uses a token to track member contributions and yield payouts.

Vault Fund and Tokens (BIGv)

  1. Upon successful enrollment in a BIG Block, each member is provided a specified number of BIGv tokens that are staked for 12 months (this means the funds are locked in that investment portfolio for 12 months).
  2. 23% of all Member Contributions are immediately directed to the BIGv Fund investment portfolio.
  3. BIG Fund investment portfolio is currently producing over 240% annual compounded yield. 

Personalized Investment Tokens (PIt)

Upon successful enrollment in a BIG Block, each member is provided a specified number of PIt tokens that are staked for 12 months (this means the funds are locked in that investment portfolio for 12 months).

27% of all Member Contributions are immediately invested as PIt into the BIGv Fund investment portfolio.

After 12 months members are able to diversify their PIt investment portfolio.

BIG Block Rewards Program (BBr)

  1. Max 50% of all Member Contributions are distributed to the BIG Block Rewards Program.
  2. This program has multiple moving parts and investment protocols which members will learn over time.

To simplify the details, the BIG Block Rewards Program operates like this:

  1. Up to 77% of the Member Contributions are distributed to the BIG Block Rewards and are paid out as reward tokens according to the commission schedules and payout caps.
  2. Approximately (average) 27% of the Member Contributions distributed to the BBr are directed back to each member as Personalized Investment Tokens (PIt).
  3. PIt Tokens accumulate value every month.
  4. PIt tokens can be invested or sold in a wide variety of options available to all members.

Member Return On Investment

It is estimated, according to past results and calculated future results, that members who join all 7 BIG Blocks ($980 per month) can earn up to:

*Note: the following only includes the value of a member's investment portfolio (approximately 50% of Member Contribution value), it does not include earnings from BIG Block Rewards (BBr).

$235k by their fourth (4th) year IF:

  1. They continue to invest their BIG Member Contributions after their yearly contract ends
  2. This also assumes the member makes no withdrawals after their annual contract ends
  3. If members do make any withdrawals during the 4 year period, their investment could be $53K.

CRITICAL Investment Details:

Members should be very aware that the numbers provided above only include approximately 50% of their Member Contribution. This does not include any potential earnings from BIG Block Rewards Programs or other initiatives.

BIG Block Rewards

Up to 77% of Member Contributions are paid out as direct rewards to referral members. 

This is part of the BBr platform and it is estimated that across all members an average of no more than 50% of Member Contributions will be paid out as BIG Block Rewards (BBr).

This means that active network marketing participants can earn up to 50% of referred members - Member Contributions - with a maximum payout caps up to $149k per month.

Becoming a Network Marketer with BIG Group

What does it cost to become a member?

  • $0 (zero) initiation or start-up fees
  • You should, but do not have to, join at least the first BIG Block - $8.70 per month after processing fees.

What income opportunities are available?

  • Up to 77% direct commission from referred Member Contributions.
  • Investment value and appreciation.

What will you be "selling"?

Network marketing (ambassadors) members are just advocating for our investment group and our high-interest investment and income alternatives.

Because we operate as a voluntary investment group, which is 100% member-managed and operated, you are simply promoting a brand you are excited about. As you learn more about the depth of our investment initiatives and opportunities, you will truly feel like you have a path forward to making decisions for your own life and you can help others do the same.

The BIG Group is member-controlled and there is an extensive roadmap for future growth and development.

Ultimately, our goal at BIG Group is to have the largest worldwide investment portfolio, which includes internally owned businesses, that is operated 100% through non-centralized ownership or membership control.

We seek to offer equality in wealth and opportunity to all members.

With our balanced wealth algorithm and member participation initiatives, we will not fail to achieve our goals.

If you have questions, you can reach me on discord at any time: 

Contact me anytime with additional questions

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This article was published on 10.10.2021 by Jason Scott
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BIG Group - investments, 8.7 USD to join

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