New to MLMs and the Free THRIVE Experience

I'm a new brand promoter for Le-Vel. I'm based in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. and I've done one MLM before. That was Quixtar. 

A little background about myself and my experience:

I'm 31 years old and I live in Southeastern Virginia. I have a 3 year old daughter who, I'm trying to provide a better life for than I experienced myself... which wasn't bad. I work primarily for a web hosting and design company. I also do freelance web design on the side. I investigate and research everything I purchase or get into. Better Business, Consumer Reports, etc. After not getting anywhere with other companies that wanted me to buy into their programs in the past, I swore off MLMs.
Fast forward 10 years to today. A friend showed me Le-Vel just last month.
What caught my attention with Le-Vel is that it's FREE to promote their THRIVE Experience. I didn't have to buy into anything and I don't need to actually have products on-hand. (Though I have bought 2 months of product to make samples with.)  They built a website, carry the product and manage shipping and my payments. All I had to do was sign up. There are ways to track website visits as well as my sponsorship downline and my support upline. All for free. Now I'm looking to get others on board as promoters through my own experience. I know it stands to be a very successful business. I just need to find the right people. is my website that was built by them. 

After being on le-vel myself, I can personally say the product works well. I've lost weight, I'm not snacking and I'm able to stay awake in Tuesday afternoon meetings at work... without coffee! It's even a fun program to get on board with. You wake up and take a multivitamin. Something we should all be doing anyway. Then you can have the shake for breakfast, or wait until lunch. Either way, before you left for the day, slap on the DFT patch for sustained energy. That's it. Repeat the same steps the following morning. I'm not spending money on coffee, snacks and protein shakes and it's $100 a month for the product which, after two customers sign up, the product becomes free for the promoter. My philosophy is... Why pay a company to sell their product? 

This article was published on 24.02.2017 by Joshua Green
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Le-Vel - Thrive Experience, Free to join

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