Cryptocurrency escrow services

Hello, my name is Donald, I'm from Nigeria.

I have a business plan of developing a platform for cryptocurrency exchange where sellers can sell at any price of their choice, and buyers buy from whoever they want, while 'we' will be in the middle of the transaction to see that no one gets duped.

For a start, we will be facing Africa (especially Nigeria) before stepping into other continents.

With dismay we've seen so many persons been scammed of their hard earned money while trying to buy or sell bitcoin. This have awakened the idea in us, to put to a barest minimum the rate of these unintentional loses. We therefore take it upon us to create a platform where we will serve as an escrow to have people achieve seamless cryptocurrency transactions.

We created a blog for this project at 

Who Are We?

We are an IT start-up in Africa, that has seen a huge gap to bridge for easy exchange (buying/selling) of cryptocurrencies in Africa, and most definitely, around the world.

We’ve read and seen people being scammed of their hard earned money while trying to purchase cryptocurrency. This has in turn, discouraged so many from the use of cryptocurrency which is not good if the cryptocurrency must survive. This has steered a drive in us and we have taken it upon ourselves to curb this avoidable loss with our ‘Never seen before’ Escrow platform, where users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies without fear of scam and get the value for what they paid for within a short time.

Furthermore, there are many other cryptocurrencies apart from just bitcoin, and some of them has proved to be acceptable just like bitcoin, we have plans of our envisaged platform to be able to have users exchange in between these cryptocurrencies, or with other e-currencies like paypal et al, and as well cash.

Our Mission

Our mission is to see a world free of e-currency/cryptocurrency transaction scams.

We have a vision to be the #1 World leading safest e-currency/cryptocurrency exchange platform. We have plans of encouraging the populace to embrace the use of cryptocurrencies without fear of losing their hard-earned money.

How Can We Achieve This?

This can be achieved when a trusted platform where people and buy and sell their cryptocurrencies at their own rate, or even exchange them to from one cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency witout much hassles.

In summary, we are here to reduce to the bearest minimum of e-cuurency/cryptocurrency transaction scams in Africa, and other countries of the world.

Do well to visit us. 


This article was published on 20.02.2017 by Humble Donald
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