24 Karat Gold Bullion {Physical Gold} For Protection Of Wealth

Karatbars International is group of like minded  business people who understand that  acquiring physical gold will protect one from the dollar that continues to drop it's purchasing power.

With Karatbars one can make a significant income while amassing gold at ZERO COST.

Let your commissions pay for your gold and the  company gives out free gold to top producers.

Regardless of what business opportunity you represent...  why not protect it with gold?

Listen, if Karatbars went out of business, you would still have a garage full of gold.

No one gets hurt in Karatbars.

Listen to the 3 minute overview and if it makes sense... leave me a message.


This is a one time Movement a paradigm shift if you will.

In my opinion, this will be the greatest shift in wealth-------EVER!

Why would you want to do this as an affiliate or simply as

a customer?

Two reasons:

1. The U.S. dollar is falling. Possible headed for a crash,circa 2008,only worst!

Will this affect your 401k,pension plan,IRA?

Could it possible delay your retirement---- If that's even an option?

Or, If you are at the age you aren't even thinking retirement, ask

yourself,Do you have $20,000,$30,000 $50,000 dollars or more sitting like a duck

waiting to be wiped out?

Not to use scare tactics here,but you tell me why do you think that everything

is okay?

Listen: No country's fiat currency has ever continued into eternity without flat lining.

Germany had it happen twice.

The last time it happen, 5 grams of gold would have bought you a house!

2. With Karatbars , you could acquire gold without any cash out of your pocket!


By allowing your earned commissions to pay for your gold-----automatically!

That's what many of our successful affiliates are doing.

Build a team----- and partner, you won't get gold any cheaper!

Karatbars gold pound for pound is already competitively priced.

But to be able to get FREE GOLD via building a team...

You tell me what part of this you don't understand!

On top of this, earn a handsome income via the current currency.

Did you know that Karatbar has some 6 and 7 income earners already?

And of course there are all kind of free prizes to go along with top earnings.

Prizes like 3 free

cars with title in your hands----no leases. Free 1.2 million dollar villa built in your choice location.

You may not need anymore money.

But as I told my downline in a letter, think beyond yourselves.

With this 18 trillion debt looming over your family's head [speaking specifically of your kids and their kids] they will have to work harder than you in order to have a living equal to or surpassing your standard of living.

With what Karatbar has on the table { 2 million dollars WEEKLY---WEEKLY just in the dual team cycling plan}, couldn't you do something for them?

Partner I ain't blowing smoke!

I'm looking for BIG thinkers!

You can't out run this debt through a job or a traditional business unless you are acquiring assets.

See, you will be taxed and taxed and taxed to satisfy this 18 trillion dollar debt!

It will pass down to your children. And their children,and their children.

And did I mention that they will create a crisis on wall street that will conveniently allow them to suck up a big chunk of your principal and earned interest on your money.

You won't be able to out run this problem.

Trust me!

Your're running in the woods {working every day trying to get ahead of the man} and the helicopter with big spot light in tow is shining down on you.

Your'e a target.

Can't out run it!

Like a caged hamster going...

This article was published on 19.02.2016 by Wendell Wilkins
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