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The New World Order

My name is Etimbuk Bassey.I am one of the most creative minds alive-unknown and unappreciated.Now,listen to me attentively.By Divine inspiration,I have redefined life and re-arranged the world,away from the chaotic present,back to the  peaceful and original order,in my little way.

I have identified 'first class humans'-about 2% of the world population.They get this rating by doing what every human being was created to do but which most have not done.Also,I have designed the highest human organization[HHO] on earth--only God is above it.

Now,I desire to bring the 'special humans' into the HHO,to chart a new and better world order for the benefit of humanity and to the glory of our creator.Meanwhile,I have secured a unique domain plus hosting to serve as a membership site for this purpose.

With the creation of this concept,at least three people [great minds],each from the three major races [black,white,mixed],representing the three basic essences [positive,negative,neutral] above and below,must come together as co-founders of the Organization.Nobody qualifies to do it alone.None.

When the new world order comes on,the current mad race shall stop.There shall be exchange of baton-the first shall become the last and the last, first.Those who claim to have gone a long way shall realize that they still have a VERY long way to go.

In order,to simplify the whole process,I wish to produce and launch a super single music album which I had composed preparatory to the inauguration of the aforementioned HHO.Please,note that I am a highly talented music artiste with about thirty albums already composed,arranged and written out but yet to  launch out  for lack of means--more on this in my next announcement. The super single shall sell an average of 1million copies worldwide,at the rate of $5 or more each.

Accordingly,I sincerely seek partnership or sponsorship from people of goodwill like you to pull resources to actualize this awesome objective as soon as possible and you will be glad you did. Those interested should contact me via email for comprehensive information [].May resounding success be ours.

NOTE:Each contributor to this cause,shall get 1000% interest.While sponsors shall earn as much as shall be negotiated.I live by the constitution of life,so,you have nothing to fear at all.You may not see me but life sees me and shall treat me as appropriate.

This article was published on 14.10.2015 by Etimbuk Bassey
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