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How to Capture the Most Attention on Facebook with Only 30 Seconds of Work

How can someone create connections and cashflow for their business in Facebook with simply 30 seconds of work in Facebook?

Because the last time I checked, the only thing that took less than 30 seconds was copy/pasting affiliate links for a business opportunity and calling it a day.

And we all know just how ineffective that is in getting interested people for the business.

Some people believe that Facebook lives are the best way to capture peoples' attention.

That can still be true but Facebook's algorithm isn't the same as it was a couple of years ago.

Facebook lives for the most part, just don't capture as many people as it did when people first discovered it as a way to start generating leads, sales and cashflow into their business.

So it really comes down to following the trends and what is currently working on social media.

So what is the new trend and does it REALLY capture people's attention and REALLY only requires about 30 seconds to do?

Answer: Yes to both.

Because the answer now lies in Facebook stories.

Curious to see how you can use Facebook stories to create quick, easy and relatable content for your audience? You can click here to get the full details on the brand new step by step cashflow generating process.

For those not familiar with Facebook stories, they are essentially super short posts that are hosted at the top of your timeline.

You might've seen all sorts of stories from people on your friends list and chances are, you might've clicked on them because something caught your eye.

But what if you can actually use these stories to create relatable content for you audience, create more awareness for your products and/or opportunity and start creating some cashflow for only about 30 seconds of work?

All will be revealed in this free training when you click here to access it.

Oh and by the way if you happen to have Instagram or TikTok, this exact same strategy can work here as well if not better!

If you believe that Facebook lives were the best way to go or that you need to endlessly post videos to get the most traction or engagement on your posts, you're in luck as that isn't totally necessary!

Instead you can use this brand new strategy that literally takes less than a minute of your time and can actually start generating some real results and engagement on your content!

We've all heard the "too good to be true" saying but your host of this training is going to show you exactly how she got 179 people to check out her story and over a dozen people to ask her about a product she bought but doesn't even sell!

Check out the links above to find out more.

This article was published on 02.08.2021 by Kevin Williams
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