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New company. Your chance to be the first, to be at the TOP !

We all know how important is to be at the beginning of a new project.

It even doesn't matter if you are smarter. The first is always winning.

For example, people who were at the beginning of crypto are all billionaires now.

How many times when we see the next one project become hyped we are saying : "Oh. If I knew about it a week ( a month... a year..) before.."

We all (including me) know that feeling when we miss the brilliant opportunity.

But today you can be rewarded for all the past mistakes, because right now when you are reading this article the brand new and extremely powerful company is just starting.

You have the unique opportunity to be at the beginning of a brand new project and become the new really big MLM leader.

So let me to introduce myself: I am Alex Roitman – Head of Public Relations Department of The Star Link Trade Company.

The company story starts many years ago from two friends who were just passionate traders and now it's a global network of more than a hundred professionals connected by the Starlink satellite internet solution. That's why the company is called Star Link Trade.

The company successfully operates at the cryptocurrency trading market since 2018.

But, what is interesting for us, this year the company launches the investment program and will share the profits with the investors.

Any person could become the investor by buying investment package and starts to receive daily bonuses or ROI (return on investments) up to 2% daily. Minimum package is just $50.

You can say: "OK, it's great , but where is the MLM here?"

The MLM part starts when you share the info about this company offer and engage the other people to become investors.

You will get commissions from all their investments.

Direct Referral Bonus (from people who were engaged directly by you) is 15%.

Team Bonus (from all your downline network unlimited by levels) is 10%.

There is also additional Leadership Bonus for the most active members.

Another good news is all the investments are 100% insured by external international bank.

The company product is very simple, easy to explain and suits to anybody.

Company provides excellent promotional tools and great support like Zoom meetings and webinars.

I think that's an ideal offer for building your online business with the solid residual income that you have been looking for so long.

So, don't lose your chance. Follow the link below and join us.

We are here to help. Wish you all the best.
This article was published on 28.09.2022 by Alex Roitman
Author's business opportunity:

Star Link Trade Company - investments, 50 USD to join
Company operates at the cryptocurrency trading market, accepts investments from people and shares the profits with them.

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