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Years ago there was on organization whose motto was Be Prepared. Have you been taught to be prepared? Have you even heard of the concept of being prepared? Over the last month or so I sat in on a webinar that covered a topic that I feel compelled to share with you. One so you can be aware that it is already happening and 2 that it is about to get worse.

What am I talking about? Electro Magnetic Radiation. EMF. So many people all over the world are experiencing all kinds of illnesses yet when attended to by a medical professional they are told that there is nothing wrong with them. With the invention of cell phones and cell phone towers, microwave ovens, smart meters, in fact all kinds of smart appliances, the electormagnetic fields and dirty electricity emanating from them are taking their toll on our health.

Twenty-two years ago I was introduced to a technology that has changed the quality of life for millions of people the world over. I actually helped facilitate the first ever Continuing Medical Education class for medical professionals to learn about this powerful technology. That technology is called glycomics. In a nutshell cell to cell communication. Since that class glycomics has gone from being considered quackery to a paper having been written and published in the Library of Congress titled Glycomics- The Roadmap to the Future. Find it. Read it. It will blow you away. Be prepared though as it is quite lengthy.  Anyway this glycomics was written about as one of 10 "Emerging Technologies that WILL Change the World" (not might, could or should, but WILL) by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2002.

Why do I mention all this? One of the experts speaking on the EMF and dirty electricity problem, that is getting worse by the day, told of how when 5G becomes the norm, in the not so distant future, those who are not prepared will experience health challenges like they've never known.

Cell to cell communication within our bodies will be disrupted. Already folks living within close proximity to cell phone towers are experiencing cancer at alarming rates. When 5G hits the towers will not be miles apart they will be everywhere. As some might say a stones throw apart.

One company has the acemannan, the glycomic nutrient, that is in the most efficacious of all glyconutrient products that provides the cell to cell communication needed for normal physiology and homeostasis. That means health.

Another thing this fellow mentioned as being needed is inflammation protection. This same company happens to have licensed from a research lab a product that is the plant extract that has been found to have the highest level of inflammation fighting ability of all plants available. Safe and non toxic.

The company that has this nutritional technology? Evolv Health. The products that you'd want to get? The Integrative Health Reboot kit. Immun to support the cell to cell communication, Limitless to support the reduction of inflammation and for good measures Balance for proper endocrine support.

I hope you find this as something to improve your quality of life as you move forward in your business. Am I trying to pull you away from your business? NO! Am I hoping that you will want to be a customer so you can protect your health and to be prepared? YES! If you were to eventually want to be a business partner I would gladly welcome you. WHY?

The added bonus to every product that you order? Every 6 seconds around the world 5 million children die of all kinds of health challenges related to malnutrition. With every product you would order a months supply of these life changing nutrients are sent to an orphanage where children with all kinds of problems that medicine can't touch are seeing fantastic results. The goal of EvolvHealth is to eradicate childhood malnutrition. This way you can help yourself and children too. The more business partners getting more customers and business partners the quicker we can eradicate such a global problem.

MIT said that this is 1 of 10 emerging technologies that will change the world. When it does do you want to be on the front end, the back end or on the sideline watching it happen?

Thanks for reading.

This article was published on 05.01.2019 by Doug Dye
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