Recently I've come across a company by the name of American Bill Money. 

This opportunity has got to be the easiest way to generate residual income from home. 

The company does 95% of the work for you. They give you the leads. Then they give you post cards. You purchase your stamps and mail out the post cards to the leads they give you. 

For everybody that says yes to the opportunity the company pays you 75$ residual income every month. I've never been more excited about an opportunity. The company  is a simple home based business that works.

Its been around for 14 years with this proven system.

American Bill Money uses a 1 up compensation plan which provides you with a never ending flow of new members.There's no selling at all. Its a complete done for you system.

Simply mail out the beautiful post cards that they send to you with your information on them to the biz op list they provide for you and wait for the money to roll in.

Interested people will call the 800 number listed on the post cards to hear about the opportunity. They call the company and get signed up under you and its just that simple. The next morning the company will send you out a check and send out a new membership kit to the new member.

Now if you make ten sales that day you've made 750$ easy.  You earn 75$ residual income over and over again as members stay in the program. Each new member will receive their 150 biz op leads on peel and stick labels every month. The full color post cards are just 75$ for a 6 month supply. That's 1000  post cards for just 75$ so you don't have to worry about trying to design something that works its done for you.


They come customized with your name and member ID # SO THEY LOOK more professional and you can even add your picture if you'd like.

The first sale you makes gets you qualified and goes to your sponsor, but get this every sale after that is all your to keep and every sale your customer's get their first sale gets passed up to you.  Everytime you get a pass up you earn an extra 75$ a month residual income. Holidays are coming up who could use extra income with little to no work?

You get paid on your sales and the ones that get passed up to you. 

Lets say you make 11 sales one gets passed up to your sponsor leaving you with 750$ residual income.

Lets say those ten people get their first sale and those get passed up to you now you've got 20 people and 1500$ a month.. Whooa did you catch that? 

Then those 10 get their first people now you have 30 people that's 2,250 a month.. tell me you couldn't use that?

I've made 600 $ in two days when it takes two weeks to make that working a minimum paying job..

I'm here to help you guys beat the 9 to 5 grind and live life on your own terms if you've heard enough and you want in watch this video... and get signed up today.


This detailed American Bill Money Review tells you the full spill about the company, the team, and how you will get results. I'm currently receiving frequent passive income checks in the mail, and in this video you'll see many other members are too!

If you are looking into earning passive income online or passive income streams, this has been DEPENDABLE and steady checks for me. 

Make money from home starting TODAY with American Bill Money! 13 years and counting, let's get these $75 checks folks!! 

Step 1 visit my info site for full details:

EMAIL the following email to Tiara Lopes



Ready To Join

Body of email:

I have my first month $125.00 affiliate payment.




Time Zone:

Best Time to Call:

*** Referred by Tiara Lopes  followed by #NEW member id #0000

***NOTE if you want to enroll yourself without receiving a phone call, please type in your email 'I will enroll myself'

We offer free sales closers! Call my sales assistant below to get enrolled by phone **MUST have your $125 affiliate payment **


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This article was published on 13.09.2017 by Tee Lopes
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American Bill Money - Post cards to cash, 125 USD to join

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