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Someone once said: Working from home gets easier once you get started. However the BIG question is: How do I start?

Ain't that the truth?

You probably know what you need to do.

Maybe even how to do it.

But you never seem to get the ball rolling, do you?

Well, let me just tell you, that I know it's anything but easy.

But it's worth it.

Because starting is the hardest part.

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people find ways to start, even if they don't know where or how.

They jump into the pool and start paddling.

It's not to say they aren't scared.

They're scared all right.

Many wet their pants.

But they do it anyway with wet pants.

And you know the best part?

No matter how scared they are, no matter how uneducated they are, no matter how much they risk starting out – it always works out in the end.

So then, about 2 months ago- I started this journey of working from home. For me it was not by choice

but rather out of necessity- Yes, I was laid off from my job as a commercial Bus Driver. I was devastated.

Although I was able to draw unemployment income, still it left me with a degree of emptiness. 

Therefore, during the 3 months while unemployed I then decided not to depend on the normal 9-5 working gigs anymore.

I started to research marketable online and offline services that I can offer that would have the potential of eventually  replacing my full-time income.

Granted, I knew it was not going to be easy but any venture worthwhile never is.

So here I am and here you are trying to make a go at it making this working-for-yourself thing happen.

Well, this is the deal. The odds of making it online is not good. I read that only about 3% will be a success

while the remaining 97% will fail miserably.

Listen, I don't want to fail. I want to succeed being in that 3% success class. How about You?    

Therefore, this is what You and I must do:

1- Choose an online business that you believe in and not complicated to market.-This is so important because when you promote your business, program or services to others you should have a passion & also an understanding of how the services work and how it can help your potential enrollee.

2- You must be seen. This point is so important. Think about it. You could have an awesome biz that can help   and be promoted to others. Nevertheless, if no one know that you exist nothing is going to happen. So you   and me must drive various forms of traffic to our business or offer to " be seen". 

3- Give yourself enough time to succeed. - Remember that it's going to take you and me to be both persistent  & consistent to make it. Set up a schedule every day that you work your business. Whether it's an hour a  day or 3hours a day- stick to your plan and work it.

4- Don't Give Up.- Yes I know that's easier said than done, but consider this: if you quit then you'll return to where you started from with feelings of total dejection. 

That's my " 2 cents" I wanted to give & also the opportunity to connect with everyone on this platform with likeminded goals of wanting to be successful by working for ourselves- I wish you all much success indeed-

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This article was published on 06.12.2020 by Earl Washington
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