Stop Living Unhappy, Tired and stressed!

For SEVERAL  Years I lived in the "I have to maintain this" Mindstate. People refer this to the living to paycheck to paycheck. but, overall my mindset wasn't only finances it was the perception that I had to live in a current lifestyle that society made normal.  "habit" or "routine" what you do in the day that is ongoing or repetitive it becomes a draining sometimes. Whether that is going to a job with countless hours 8 Hours to overtime. When you have to work Statutory holidays or take someones shift a lot of the hourly jobs have inconveniences that cut into your family time. I wanted to change my life not only financially but, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

This is when I noticed I needed to find something in the Health and Wellness field because I was gaining weight, I was constantly tired, bloated and had a skin condition known as psoriasis. I discovered a company that made me feel passionate about not only my time schedule but for my overall spiritual health where I found no more worries. I wanted a consistent growth, success as a way to not just gain the minimum acknowledgment in my work. For years when I worked as a Customer Representative the guarantee of an raise or reward was slim to none. Even when you put your all into growth or determination or stayed with the company perhaps the longest. 

I used to work many jobs that were retail/sales/customer service until one day it hit me. How am I going to manage funds? How am I going to save for retirement or a savings account for my children someday? I looked at many health and wellness companies until It started to hit me like a boomerang I needed a lifestyle that saved others in the world to have a purpose and perspective. I wanted an inspirational job that gave people the meaning to wake up every morning with the ideal reasons to strive.  

I wanted to hear about the testimonies itself from the clients I work with every day telling me about how It has changed their entire life. The fact that I get to wake up spend the days with my daughter who is almost 2 years old. Before I had my daughter I was juggling multiple jobs and very scared for the future and even the present thinking how I would even pay a small bill. I knew that investing in myself was the greatest accomplished I could ever do. Gaining Passive income every 15th of the month, How I can finally scale myself on a level of great potential with the factors come to play on my work ethic. How it depends on my overall work the hour I worked. 

We have great benefits and amazing compensation structure, Great resources such as Social Media Marketing, Great environment of positive and ambitious people that are willing to root for you.  We have conventions every year and training Facebook Page, Webinars and so much information that is helpful to help you GROW and excel.  

LEARN MORE <--- When you get to this page scroll down and click on "Want to be apart of the Youngevity Team? Either a Preferred Customer or A Sales Distributor. Check out the amazing BENEFITS here!"

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This article was published on 30.10.2019 by Caroline Burt
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