Life Activated Brands. Opportunity for Health, Wellness and Financial Security

Life Activated Brands is a company I discovered that aligns with my beliefs in wellness products, that actually make you well, and the integrity that's needed to keep a company accountable. The benefits of the wellness and weight loss products are exceptional. There are no "shakes" involved. I have included a link at the bottom so you can check out the products on my website.

In addition this MLM company is like no other I have experienced. The compensation plan is remarkable. They pay out in seven different ways. There is such opportunity to find financial freedom  with this compensation platform. It can all be done right from home. Even if you working another job! I am including a link to a video that explains the compensation plan in detail. If you have ever been involved in an MLM company, it will be very clear how generous this company is!

I am building a great team for my new business. I have a group of some amazing men and womenI work with everyday! Everyone in this company is there to help each other grow and to motivate.  I am really looking forward to adding more energetic people, that love wellness and are looking to find financial freedom. This business has major potential for growth. 

The CEO of this company Brandon Hayes is a man or morals and he decided to build a company that was truly for the people, through product and attainable financial freedom. To me this was so important. In this world to find true honest, loyal, and giving,  people at the top of the company is so rare. 

I want to tell you a little about what drove me to start building my business. I spent many years in a marriage  of domestic violence. I was trapped. I had a son with severe disabilities, from my previous marriage. He was 100 percent full care. I could not afford the home that was equipped to my son's needs, without that second income.  In 2017 it was finally down to figuring it out or losing my life. I filed for divorce. Over the next year it was a battle, the violence became worse restraining orders were filed, he would ultimately be arrest three times before the divorce was final. On top of everything else I lost my previous son May of 2018. Two day later in a fit of rage  ex broke my nose. I truly did not know how I would ever pull myself out of that hole of despair. I did though! I am a fighter and a survivor. By early 2019, the house was sold and I moved into my condo. I remodeled it and it finally became that home safe and peaceful for my daughter and I. My son's spirit fills the halls. he is there with us! Finally, I thought I made it, nobody could ever take my home from me again. That was short lived. In 2020 as the pandemic shuddered businesses, and the restaurants, were especially hard hit. Well, my job and decent income, being a restaurant, manager, bartender, and server were overnight gone. It seemed to come out of nowhere. I was once again terrified I would lose it all. I would not let that happen. I had come to far to let anything shatter the peace I fought so hard to get. I did whatever it took to get through. I also knew I had to find away to gain financial freedom. I am a survivor, hard worker and relentless. Anyone who knows me knows I will not quit until I have succeeded. Come join my team and together we will find success!

Kimberly Harrington

Please take a look at the amazing compensation plan!

Comp Plan Explained Full

This article was published on 02.04.2021 by Kimberly Harrington
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Life Activated Brands - Health and nutrition, 199 USD to join

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