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How Can I Make Money Online?

The most common question I get asked is "How can I make money online?"

The questioner does not realize that is a wrong question. You DO NOT make money online.

How so, you ask.

Realize that money is exchanged for value that you offer. So in order to make money you need to offer that has value for the consumer you reaching out to.

Then one can say that if you have something of value to offer, then you will exchange that for money you are asking. The more value you can provide, the more products (services) will be sold in exchange for money.

To grow in your online business, you need to continuously add values.

So, you realize that no one can teach you how to make money.

Gets even tougher. Because value is very subjective.

As I have been exploring the ways to make money online, there are three main areas where values are easily agreed upon.

  • Systems/Services that make money
  • Financial Products/services to get rid of debts
  • Relationship products/services to end loneliness

You have strengths and the values may be different. For example, you may have special talent in making healthy foods that are easy to cook and less time consuming. Having a blog or a channel on YouTube about cooking will be value you will be providing which in turn could generate revenues.

Help People Become Financially Independent

Although the way we make money may be different, the basic is still the same, that is to provide values in exchange of money.

Everyone has values. Know what they are. That will help you motivate to get into online business. Everyone vales time. If you can help people save time via your product(s)/service(s), people will be glad to use your offer to save their time in exchange to pay you.

Also, with time, you can learn skills, the more values you can then provide. Eventually you will reach a point where you can identify a problem in your preferred niche, have a solution for it and provide that solution using the values that you can provide. That is where the big money is.

Help People Become Financially Independent

Most people forget the essence of the business is not about you making money. The purpose of the business is to provide quality product (service) at affordable price to earn bigly profits. Having a business is advantageous in the long run, but in short term you will experience many difficulties. There is no easy way. Surely, when you embark success, you will know you are providing values to your clients.

This article was published on 16.06.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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