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Kill the Weeds!

It never fails to amaze and amuse me how many people (statistically 96% of you) keep saying they want to make money online, have an online business or the like and then back out at the moment of having to part with some money, or even just an email address in many cases. 

This “Fear” could be driven by any number of things but 9 times out of 10 it’s misguided and detrimental to you actually having any chance of succeeding at any kind of enterprise online.

This ‘Fear’ is usually labelled “Skepticism” but I prefer the term NEGATIVE MINDSET. We are not born skeptical of anything; In fact as children we have a absolute positive outlook on everything. Even when something ‘terrible’ happens to us as a child, our POSITIVE MINDSET kicks in, overcomes and adjusts our outlook back to Openness almost straight away.

It is only when we become adults that we start to become “Closed” minded and “Suspicious” of almost anything we are unfamiliar with. I call this the “WEED SYNDROME”

Imagine your mind is a beautiful flower garden and everything in the garden is rosy. Then, a weed pops up (The weed being a negative thought). Well we all know what happens if we don’t KILL that weed straight away, pull it out by the roots; IT STARTS TO SPREAD and, before you know it your once beautiful mind garden is full of ugly (NEGATIVE) weeds.

As adults we tend to ‘store’ all the unpleasant things, big and small, that happen in our lives and feed the weeds that are waiting to grow in our mind gardens until, even when something really good is offered to us, our weeds overrule even common sense and create the fear of stepping into the unknown.

This is why most people never succeed online because they never even allow themselves to start, and even when they do start they can’t cope with simple failure. They lack the patience, tenacity and POSITIVE MINDSET to carry on and try harder.

Most people seem to be under the impression that, with an online business, everything will be done for them. WAKE UP! they also believe the ads that say “This is free and you’ll make $ millions”. WAKE UP! If either one of of those two ignorant suppositions were true then EVERYONE would be a millionaire.

The 4% that are really successful (many of the 96% think they’re just the lucky ones) got there by a)Investing and believing in themselves and b)Bloody hard work! They have...


Someone older and wiser than me once said “ It’s not the things you do in life that you regret, It’s the things you don’t do that you will always regret”. TRUE! 

With this Facebook Page “Key Reward Affiliates” I have assembled (and am still assembling) a collection of products and opportunities that will not only make you money online - IF you apply yourself and follow instructions, and are patient, and are prepared to put in the effort (nothing is going to make you rich overnight).

I have also ensured that pretty much everything offered will GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK no questions asked if it isn’t for you, usually allowing 30 -60 (even 120 in one instance) days for you to to apply yourself.

But before you even consider trying anything online, whether from here or anywhere else, do yourself a BIG FAVOR...


(See also my “What’s your Mindset” Blog post)

John Ward (Jan ‘17)

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This article was published on 25.01.2017 by John Ward
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