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2020 The Year of Lockdowns

How many of you in this past year have seen posts or heard about how financially devastating it has been for so many? 2020 has been one of the roughest/toughest years that I have seen in my lifetime and I am no spring chicken. There have been so many that have lost so much from their life savings, to friends and family members. And to make matters worse many had to do it alone or not even to be able to be with their loved ones lost due to the lockdowns world wide or to be allowed to be there for emotional support for each other with just a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen, is heartbreaking to say the least. Our Province went through three devastating losses in a very short period of time which caused many emotional and anxiety health issues.

I personally felt helpless and the only thing I could do was to donate to the causes as no gatherings were permitted to help soothe or console those who have lost so much and so many loved ones in such a short period. Our Province and our Country/World grieved together virtually which isn’t the same as a hug or a kiss or to just be there to sit with them. All the grief took a toll on many of us. The feeling of helplessness was unbearable at times. So for me I had to snap out of all the darkness and to find something that I could once again get passionate about that would assist others to find an honest source to help those who want to help themselves to financially free themselves. 

For me I started listening and learning about Crypto and in doing so discovered how many are becoming financially free so that they are now able to spend more time with their families and loved ones. After all, there is nothing more important than family and to be able to be there for them at all times, in good times and in bad. For me, I wanted to take it one step further. I wanted to find a platform that would offer a free registration so those who wanted to learn more about the crypto world (as Robert Kiyosaki said “Us Old Folks need to get our heads out of the Sand”) could do so by starting with a very small Investment amount (coin purchase) and could do so without being scammed. After a couple of platforms and not being very knowledgeable, I made some bad choices until three months ago when I found this platform that has something for everyone. We offer free registration for those that don’t want to share and can still obtain Access & Assets . We also offer a $49 Registration fee (it is law to charge a small fee for those of us that earn commissions from our team's activities) for those who would like to obtain Access, Assets & Leverage to share and earn a very lucrative passive income by doing so. I have had many from here and other groups contact me about their opportunities and to be quite honest, I do my due diligence now (which I should of done in the very beginning because not all are honest & funds were lost) on all that I come across and I can assure you that there is not another LUCRATIVE Crypto Opportunity that offer everything those other platforms offer and more. As we have it all from trading to staking to masternodes to NFT’s to a bank and a prepaid debit card (instant switch between crypto & fiat) that pays on all debit swipes to White Labelling to the very first ever Tokenized Real Estate to a new Crypto Platform somewhat like Monopoly where you can buy into any Country regardless of whether or not you decide to team build or not, it still gives you the opportunity to earn a passive income on what everyone else in that Country does such as any purchases/debit swipes. All on a Registered S.E.C. Platform because you see in the very near future we will be offering an IPO (Initial Public Offering). If this is an opportunity that you have been looking for, then you have come to the right place. NO OBLIGATION and ALL QUESTIONS PERTAINING TO OUR OPPORTUNITY ANSWERED.

This article was published on 13.07.2021 by Priscilla Gorman
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