SCAMS in internet marketing.

As a newbie in the internet marketing sphere I have been scammed twice. The old saying you catch me once shame on you , catch me twice shame on you , catch me thrice shame on me. What did I learn out off this. Do background checks on the following  1. Is the people involved real people Google Google! 2. Check their physical addresses by asking other marketers on the net. 3. Check the company legal documents. Who are the directors and check other companies that they are involved in. 4.Any history on successes or linked to other scams from the owners of these offers. 5.Can you find these people on you Tube doing webinars. Their body language will tell. Sometimes they use replacements to do the webinars.6. if there is no open book contacts stay away. Remember any genuine CEO of a company should be available to his following.  We had a classic case that an offer had a closed FB page and the admin was told to delete any negative comments. Remember comments good or bad should be there. Any good CEO should see this and rectify the negativity. They must have their hands on the pulse of the offer.

The offers where I have been scammed had one good outcome I befriended truthful  leaders in the internet marketing sphere and they have loads of knowledge about these scamsters and very good offers.

Do not believe these huge $ income that is promised in their advertisements. Trust your gut feeling on offers most of the times it will be correct.

Most of these type of schemes hasn't got a long life. Try and get your seed money out as soon as possible. Then use your so called growth to play this offer. What I have seen is that people gets carried away thinking their rev shares will be there forever and they can retire on that. They are the big losers usually.

If you join any rev share it is a high risk venture. Do not use any money you can't afford  to loose.

If you want to do well the following is essential. 1. Build a responsive e mail and mobile following. 2. Find an offer that is recommended by good leaders.

Today we have 8 figure earners. Do not try the internet market it will win. Make it a way of life and keep at it and you will succeed.

This article was published on 11.01.2017 by Theo Blignaut
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