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Me - After a Health and Wellness talk. 2020

When I was 9, I saw a picture of myself and realized I was slightly overweight…. The weight was taken off and here I am decades later still slim with all my body parts and no health problems. It isn’t a sacrifice—it is a lifestyle. Most people think I am twenty years younger than I am. It is my gift to myself. Here is one of my secret weapons. 

ASEA is the first and only proprietary Redox Signaling Forumla that provides support and health at the cellular level. Repairs, Replaces and Replenishes Telomeres, Redox Signaling Molecules. Hear doctors on a video describing the benefits of this breakthrough science. You can create health and wealth for pennies a day. 

In May 2009, I attended an anti-aging expose in Scottsdale, AZ a few miles from where I live in Phoenix. As I was leaving I walked past a booth with a huge sign-- ASEA.  ASEA--what is that?  I thought I would grab a brochure, I saw in a holder on the booth counter, I could read about it when I was home. As I reached for the brochure a man said "Hello" and asked if I knew about ASEA. I don't I replied, feeling like a deer in car headlights. I wasn't interested in a sales pitch.  I didn't get a sales pitch. He asked about my interest in learning about an anti-aging product. I quipped, doesn't everyone want to delay aging as long as possible. He agreed.  Then, he asked if I was interested in hearing about the product. I can read about it from the brochure, I said, still feeling like a deer in car headlights. He responded, Yes, however, in my opinion, the brochure doesn't do the product justice. He explained the benefits he had since using the product.  No longer feeling like a deer in headlights, I was curious. 

As a Metaphsychican I look for products to assist people to create better Mental, Emotional and Physical health. However, I do not recommend any product that I can't guarantee. I told him I don't recommend products unless I have documented evidence they create results.  I am very healthy and with all due respect, I doubt if I'll see any improvement for myself. He made an offer I couldn't refuse. "I'll give you a month's supply and on your honor, if you don't see any improvement whatsoever, we can be friends."  I took him up on the offer, thinking, who could refuse an offer like that? Right?  

Two weeks later, after returning from a rugged hike in South Mountain Park, I noticed my leg muscles (shin splints) weren't yelling at me. H-m-m-m-  I thought could it be the ASEA? Not convinced I thought, next week's hike would be more strenuous. Same experience. Coincidence?  I wasn't convinced yet. 

Three weeks into taking ASEA, the great experiment was a hike down the north rim--the Kaibab trail--of the Grand Canyon. I made the round-trip hike in the same time I did when I was twenty-one. Wait a minute. I am seriously embarrassed. Sixty-seven and I made the round-trip in the same time when I was twenty-one?  Either I was in bad shape when I was twenty-one, or the ASEA was the deciding factor. I decided it was the ASEA that made the difference. Three hiking tests and there was a consistent improvement in my stamina. 

To put frosting on the experiments, I did research on the internet and discovered a renowned rough terrain bicyclist, who publishes a cycling magazine was using ASEA and was promoting ASEA in his magazine.  Dah, girl if you aren't convinced now, what is your problem?  It was then, I decided this product was legitimate and I joined ASEA as an Associate. And the rest is history. 

Well, not so fast!!  I had more improvements. I noticed the skin under my eyes looked wrinkled.  Arrrrgh!! Who wants that?  I sprayed ASEA directly on my skin...and within 30 days.  The skin was smooth. AND the biggest skin improvement of all was loose skin on the back of my hands. In 90 days, the ugly loose skin on the back of  my hands caused by using very hot water when hand washing pots and pans, was gone. 

Last, but not least as stated above, my appearance age is 20-years younger than my birth certificate attests to.  If you aren't convinced that ASEA creates real health improvement, do your own experiments, and either way you can prove yourself right. 


Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized authority on bridging Science, Spirit, and Human Potential with 30+ years of experience. Past Life Regression and Future Progression... Transform Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformation.

Holistic Transformation Health Care is defined as the treatment of the whole person--Mental/Emotional, Physical, and Cellular instead of simply treating the symptoms of a specific illness or disease. Holistic Protocols and Nutraceuticals in the U.S. are usually considered non-traditional and may include non-drug protocols as plant-based vitamins, supplements, and non-processed organic nutritional items. 

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This article was published on 28.11.2021 by Dorothy M. Neddermeyer
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Ollie Cantos Dorothy, you are just awesome, and you are a TRILLION percent right about Asea! Keep on spreading the word, because redox cell-signaling technology is the real deal. Congrats!  7 months ago

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