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How most people fail working leads?

Having continuous flows of lead is essential if you are to succeed in any business- online or offline.  It is also true that the best leads are the ones you generate yourself.  You can get premium traffic to your lead capture page.  Many spend time and money on Facebook posting teasers.  Some manage by having Google ad campaign. Building an email list is essential for internet marketers but it takes a lot of time. Most people who give up because they cannot afford to wait until they have built up a list.

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There are few folks who are successful in getting the leads. But that is NOT ENOUGH.

When it comes to earn money in online business it is said that money is in the list (leads).  I managed to be good in collecting list.  Yes, my list is relatively big, but my earnings did not reflect that at all.  So, what was I doing wrong?

Here is what I have learned, and I am sharing why I fail working my leads.  These are the lessons I learned.

Talking About Their Company, Product, Service

I was failing because I was telling my prospects about the company, product, or service.  That is a big No-No! My prospects realized that I was trying to sell them.  Immediately, they see the opportunity as nothing but being a salesperson.  You know how people hate to sale!!!  So, they did not want to be a salesperson. 

I learned that instead of selling and telling, I should have interviewed my prospects. It did not make sense to me initially.  Even though I was promoting an opportunity, I was still the CEO of my online biz.  Thus, as CEO, I needed to see if they fit in promoting an opportunity.  I needed to qualify first and schedule a follow-up call.  This is prospecting approach to build a bigger, more duplicatable business.

Questioning Them About Requesting Information.

Upon contact, I would ask my prospects to recall how and when they became a lead.  Little did I know that people have short memories.  My questioning perhaps threatened my prospects.

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 Better approach is that you ask your prospect about their interest in making money online.  Ask them if they are serious and at what stage are, they now.  Simply, you are trying to ascertain if they are looking or not. Note that time is valuable to you and your prospects as well.

This article was published on 14.07.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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