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Why I Like Karatbars Gold Better Than Real Estate

 I like the advantages gold has over real estate. How many of these would be beneficial to you?

Gold is portable; land and houses are immobile. You can’t pick up your house and move it elsewhere; gold travels well. If local taxes or regulations impact your real estate investment negatively, you’re stuck. If I’m worried about these things with my gold, I can move it elsewhere easily and quickly.

Gold doesn’t require maintenance, real estate does. Houses and buildings require new roofs and toilets and paint. All I have to do with my gold is keep it safe. A real estate investor can deduct “depreciation” on their tax return, but that’s because stuff wears out and you have to repair or replace it. Gold, in contrast, has very low maintenance and carrying costs. Pay a small fee for professional storage and you’re set.

Gold has high liquidity; real estate has low liquidity. Selling a piece of real estate takes time, effort, expense, and usually outside help. If you need the cash quickly you’re out of luck. With gold, you can liquidate in one day — or in just three minutes if you have an online storage account.

Gold is divisible, real estate is not. You can’t sell half your house if you need some cash, but you can sell half your gold stash. You could get an equity line on your house, but you have to apply… be approved… wait for it to be set up… then request the cash. Meanwhile, I was able to sell half my gold holdings while you were reading this.

Gold has superior tangibility. Houses can burn down, but my gold coins and bars can’t be destroyed by fire, water, or even time. Heck, the gold from a 200-year old shipwreck just needs to be wiped off. This makes gold an especially attractive asset to leave to your heirs.

Gold is more value-dense. I can hold $50,000 worth of gold in the palm of my hand. I can store a quarter million dollar’s worth in a safe deposit box.

Can be private and confidential. If I want, I can keep my gold and silver out of sight from nosy neighbors and other prying eyes. Not so with real estate.

Gold requires no specialized knowledge. Real estate requires research, on-site visits, appraisals, inspections, and usually the help of a broker, all at an expense. All you really need to know for gold is to buy high-quality bullion, avoid rare coins, and store it someplace safe. Done.

Gold is cheaper!

This article was published on 14.06.2019 by David Williams
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