If I Were New, And Had Only 3 Months To Build A Team, This Is How I'd Do It

It's always fun to look back on things, and think of how much better you'd be if you had to start over.

Mostly in part, because you've learned as you went.

So I thought it'd be a great idea to publish exactly how I'd be super aggressive, and build a team from scratch.

So if this is something you'd want to know, just keep reading and use any of the details you wish, in your own business.

I Just Signed Up

So I just signed up to my new company, and the first thing I am going to do, is contact my warm market.

Let everyone know I've discovered something, and want them to take a look at it.

I would not tell them anything about it, just get them on a presentation and on the phone with someone who knew what they were doing.

I'd Hop Online

Since all my warm market either knows about it, or perhaps one has joined, I'd next hop online.

Maybe make a post about discovering something, and message every social media contact I have.

Same as warm market, I would make sure they got on a presentation, not have me talk to them about it.

After messaging each person, I'd plan my social media strategy that contained these factors:

  • Connecting with new people daily
  • Join all groups related to my product
  • Find post scheduling and automation for my social media accounts

My Products Arrive

Now the products have arrived, and most likely I already have a couple people signed up.

I will begin using the product to get results with them. It's important to know as much as I can from experiencing the product.

I would also create sampling products out of my purchase.

Since I always join with the largest buy in, I should have products set aside for sampling people I meet and talk to that are likely to get results from taking my product.

Start Creating Content

Each day I only have social media to focus time on, so I will have plenty of more time to work on content creation.

I would start a blog for sure, and that will take a day to build to a professional level.

I would also create a Youtube channel, which wouldn't take very long to setup.

I would then set time aside each day to create a new blog post, and video for the post.

Promoting each one on my social accounts, and sharing it with my team and leads I am about to begin generating.

Create An Advertising Budget

This is a part where everyone varies.

Not everyone has a budget, but everyone can do something if they focus on getting it done.

I would create a steady budget, and invest a specific amount each day, week or month into this paid advertising.

Starting off, I would run ads with classifieds, and solos.

These sources are inexpensive, and can produce great results with smaller amounts of money.

Make My Schedule

Now I've done my starting tasks, which was to contact all the people I know.

I've setup my blog, and channel.

Now it's all about working leads I generate, as they come in and scaling it as fast as I can.

All of these tasks will need to be scheduled out for the day, to get maximum results.

Here are all the tasks, I want to complete each day:

  • Call all leads I generate
  • Run ads, or manage the ones I've ran
  • Create a blog post, and a video
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Create additional content on other websites (MLM Gateway, Linkedin, etc)

May seem like a little work, but as you do this each day, the amount of leads will increase.

I can spend hours trying to contact and speak with the leads I generated the day before. 

When you reach this point, you simply stay consistent, and increase the amount of work you do by a little more then the day before.

This is exactly what I would do, in a nutshell, to build a team.

There are specific factors involved to determine how big the team would be. There is no promise of any specific size it will create.

But, it will work. It will create new signups.

What will determine the size of the team, is who gets signed up from the efforts.

If I hit just one person who can duplicate my results at this point, my team should be making me $2,000 - $3,000 a month after 3 months.

Did This Help?

If this gave you any new ideas, or helps in anyway in your own business, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Also, let's get connected here on MLM Gateway, so we can keep in touch and continue sharing value with one another.

P.S Want me to put people in your downline for you? This is possible, and I will do it. Just take this free tour here, and I will get to work right away putting new people into your own business for you.

This article was published on 26.04.2019 by Jaye Carden
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