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We’ve all dreamed of having a business like this one. It's finally here.

Consider the network marketing business you've always wanted and even fantasized about, where you could outperform wealthy corporate owners - if you had the capital to build your own company.

We've all had this thought, especially those of us who have participated in one, two, or more multi-level marketing businesses over the years. Sending in our ideas, questions, and so on and having no one hear us, unanswered emails, uninformed leaders (blind leading the blind), and so on.

So here is a new business that is almost exactly as you envision if it were our own company.

First you will receive 2 web pages:

1. A landing page that explains the company and membership business plan, so you don't have to.

It’s a 6-minute video and you can sign in free after you are informed and ready to earn additional income for yourself & family.

2. A shopping website with the Best-Selling Products at Club Member prices; Yes, like Costco or Sam's Club (Walmart) memberships.

More good things your dream business offers:

•    You can advertise wherever you want on & offline; back links, by email, on social media, on business directories, etc., without "fear" of losing commissions or your business.

•    Recommended, but without recruitment requirements.

•    Recommended, but without monthly purchase obligations.

•    There is a single power line for all of us that is including hundreds of prospects under you the day you sign up – even if it’s simply to learn more.

Once your membership is covered, you position yourself at the top over all the prospects that signed up free, which in the short term can benefit you with added memberships in your matrix.

My suggestion to all of you professionals and newcomers:

+ View the 6-minute video that will explain for you, here: THE LIVE GOOD BUSINESS TOUR

+ Sign in and review the plan.

+ Save 20% on the already inexpensive yearly membership plan.

+ Get your own landing page and shopping website and start your 2x2 business.

At the very least get yourself a great cup of Organic coffee to start the day, ease stress, support a healthy body, and help you feel great!  SHOP LIVE GOOD.

Let’s team up today, I am at your service for any questions,

Frank Nichols.

(619) 755-4068

This article was published on 09.01.2023 by Frank Nichols
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